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Let's stir things up with The Better Old Fashioned! 1 Stirring Glass 1 Muddler Ice (1 large ice cube and crushed for stirring glass) 2...
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Olé! Time to spice things up with The Better Margarita! This is a shaken drink! 2 oz. of Free Spirits Tequila Alternative 1 oz. of...
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Time to STIR things up with The Better Boulevardier! "Stirred, not shaken!" 2 oz. of Spiritless Kentucky 74 1 oz. of Wilfreds Bittersweet Orange and Rosemary Aperitif...
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The American Psychological Association released its Stress in America report last year, and the findings were less than promising, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing significant stress in...
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After a night out of drinking, you might be tempted to tell yourself you’re going to hit the gym or the trails to “sweat out”...
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