Exclusive Review of Three Spirits Social Elixir


If you're a fan of non-alcoholic beverages, you may have heard of Three Spirits, and their Social Elixir flavor. Here, we will give you a detailed review of what we think about it, and whether it's worth buying.

What is Three Spirits Social Elixir? 

Three Spirits Social Elixir is a non-alcoholic botanic spirit with a unique and exotic blend of herbs, spices, and other natural ingredients, designed to tantalize your palate while preserving your health.

Social Elixir is actually one of a set of three spirits, which also include Livener and Nightcap. All three spirits have been made in consultation with licensed and qualified botanists, herbalists, bartenders, and experts in NA spirits, to create a set of beverages that are delicious, wholesome, and a great replacement for alcoholic spirits.


Three Spirits Livener is a fiery beverage designed to awaken your senses. With its exciting combination of watermelon, ginseng, guayusa, pepper, hibiscus, and wild herbs, it lends a euphoric air to the experience. Three Spirits Night Cap, on the other hand, is all set to help you unwind and relax with the help of Valerian, terpene and lemon balm, among other herbs. The soothing effect of the Nightcap can be particularly compelling after a stressful day.

The Social Elixir is another of the three musketeers of the Three Spirits. It is, in particular, is designed for those who want neither the Livener's rush of excitement nor the Nightcap's sleepy and dreamy charm. The Three Spirits Social Elixir offers a middle ground, where you can experience an invigorating spirit that is also earthy and grounded at the same time.


Right off the bat, the deep green glass bottle of the Social Elixir makes you think of lush forests, exploration, the play of light & shadow, and journeying. Enjoy it while spending time with friends, reconnecting, and sharing stories/experiences. Three Spirits Co. describes Social Elixir as "dark, bittersweet, and curious.".

When poured, Three Spirits Social Elixir has a deep orange color that reminds you of syrup. But don't worry, the taste of the spirit is nothing like sweet syrup. Rather, it's the complete opposite

Body & taste 

The Three Spirits Social Elixir is both flirty and serious. It's not exactly the life of the party, but rather that elegant and cool guest who everyone aspires to be someday. There's a sharp richness to it that feels utterly delightful. You could easily use it for an intimate gathering or even a business meeting, and it'll hold up well in every atmosphere very well.

As for the taste, there is a complexity of flavor that ranges from floral to earthy to bittersweet. This is predominantly because of the ingredients that are used to prepare the Three Spirits Social Elixir.

First off, we have Cacao, or as the company calls it, the "euphoric heart opener." It lends the mild bitterness, full body and warmth that makes you feel relaxed, grounded, and happy after you drink a sip—the perfect ingredient to bond loved ones together over a glass.

Lion's Mane mushroom balances out the Cacao's bitterness by adding its own milky creaminess. It's a rare delicacy with numerous health properties, ranging from cardiovascular health to cancer symptom management to improved digestion.

The third main ingredient is the ancient Mexican aphrodisiac, Damiana, which adds a touch of spice and mystery to the Three Spirits Social Elixir. Its floral taste unfurls gently, layer by layer, allowing your palate to experience the Three Spirits Social Elixir in waves.

Then we have other ingredients that elevate the flavors, like passionflower, which adds some acidity with its sweet/sour profile. Tulsi brings in its fruity and peppery taste with a very mild bittersweet flavor. Both of these are extremely great immune-boosting ingredients. Three Spirits Social Elixir is rich in anti-oxidants, thanks to green tea. The coconut vinegar offers a natural tanginess that is felt very subtly on your palate. Caraway seeds add spice and heat, while the agave nectar tempers this a bit with its natural sweetness. The smoky aftertaste is all thanks to the molasses, which really makes you feel present at the moment.

We told you Three Spirits Social Elixir was complex. This non-alcoholic beverage isn't something you drink just for momentary pleasure. Rather, it's an experience that engages all of your senses.

How do you feel after the drink? 

Formulated using herbs known for their healing properties, the Social Elixir not only offers great taste but also improved wellbeing. It also helps that you obviously won't feel a buzz while drinking it or have a hangover and headache the morning after.

What the Three Spirits Social Elixir does do, is revitalize you instantly, without making you feel like you're on an energy rush. It helps recharge you just enough without overwhelming you. It's definitely the perfect "adult" drink to have – whether you're hosting a book club or having a summer pool party.

Can it be used in alcohol-free cocktails

Suffice to say, enjoying Three Spirits Social Elixir as a standalone beverage is an incredible experience. But what about making alcohol-free cocktails with it? Well, the great news is, this aperitif can be used to make some delicious alcohol-free cocktails if you don't want to drink it as it is.

A few of the alcohol-free cocktails you could try are –

  • Bloody Mary
  • Mushroom Palmer
  • Social Spritz
  • Social Long Island Ice Tea

The plant-based non-alcoholic beverage will definitely make your alcohol-free cocktails more flavorful and healthier.


Well, Three Spirits Social Elixir is a stellar beverage. The unique blend of ingredients makes it an amazing find. There's just enough for the light and heavy elements in the Three Spirits Social Elixir for everyone to enjoy. Try them today and let us know what you think.

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