What is Better Rhodes?

Better Rhodes is a place where anyone and everyone trying to find tasty alcohol-free options can come and find the best that the AF & NA market has to offer. Better Rhodes was born when our founder, Chris Becker, couldn't find more than a few alcohol-free options. Even once he found them it was very expensive to buy a 6-pack from each company. Then comes Better Rhodes. We strive to give you the best alcohol-free options from all over the globe in one place at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to make alcohol free easy, great-tasting, and affordable.

What does "All Together" mean?

It means that no matter how you found Better Rhodes or an alcohol free lifestyle, we are all in it together. Whether you are sober, moderating drinking, an athlete training, participating in Sober October or Dry January, an expectant mom, or someone who is just simply doesn't drink... this is a place we can all come together and share recipes and support one another.

You're out of stock of my favorite product | You used to carry 'X' product, and now I don't see it?! What gives? 

We do our best to keep a steady line-up of products. One thing to keep top of mind is that Non-Alcoholic and Alcohol-Free beverages are much more labor-intensive to produce. Wines for example need to be created as traditional wine containing alcohol first, and then brought through another process to have the alcohol carefully removed. Likewise, the processes behind brewing non-alcoholic beer takes much more time and care than brewing beer with alcohol.

Due to these issues, many of the products we carry are created in smaller batches. Non-Alcoholic products have to share the same production lines as alcohol-products, which unfortunately will usually take priority. Wines and beers especially are made in "bottlings," or batches, so we may sell through the current batch, and then we're at the whim of the specific winery or brewery to wait until more is produced. As the market for our beverages continues to grow, we should see some leveling out, but for now its best to think in "batch mentality" about our products, enjoy them while you can!

If something you were hoping for is not in stock, we'll be happy to make some recommendations of other products you might enjoy!

What kind of drinks do you offer?

We offer alcohol-free spirits, dealcoholized wines, low and no alcohol beers, pre-mixed alcohol-free cocktailssophisticated mixers, and non-alcoholic soft drinks. We are working constantly to be on top of the amazing new products the global market has to offer in order for you to get the best experience. Want something we don't carry? Email us and suggest it!

Are all of your beverages completely alcohol free?

We offer a mixture of no alcohol (0.0%) and low alcohol (<0.5%) in all beverage categories. Every product listed on our website is considered non-alcoholic (USA), which means they contain less than 0.5% alcohol-by-volume.  If you want/need to drink 0.0% alcohol, see product details for specific nutritional information.

Do these products really taste the same? / Does it taste like alcohol?

The creators and producers of our products have done an awesome job of capturing the flavors, aromas, and textures of their traditionally-made counterparts. However, there are differences from alcoholic products simply because they're missing the alcohol. We like to think of enjoying NA/AF beverages as a sibling experience to drinking, but not identical twins. We are confident you'll find options you'll enjoy just as much. We think you'll be impressed by the quality and tastes.

How should I enjoy these products? / This tastes bad?!

Alcohol-free spirits are not meant for taking shots!  We recommend the ritual of making a cocktail (mocktail) - especially for the spirit alternatives which are designed to be mixed into cocktails. If you are curious, you can try them plain, but it's not how they are meant to be enjoyed. For NA/AF wines, we recommend storing them in the fridge and serving in wine glasses. Ready-to-drink, sodas and sparklers are meant to be chilled and served straight from the can or bottle into a glass. Check out our recipes before you open that room temp bottle of an AF spirit and ruin your experience!

How should I store these products? / Do I need to refrigerate after opening?

Generally, everything can be stored at room temperature before you open it no problem. Please refer to the labelling on the specific product in question for storage instructions. Because our products do not contain alcohol, our team personally recommends refrigerating all of our products after opening. We also recommend chilling both red and white wines.

Do you sell/offer Non-Alcoholic Beer which is also Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, we have not had success in finding a non-alcoholic or alcohol-free beer which is certified as Gluten-Free. Big Drop Brewing beers are considered Gluten-Reduced, but due to US labeling restrictions, cannot be called "gluten-free." Their brews are crafted so the gluten content is less less than 20PPM (parts per million) , the legal volume considered safe in products under UK & EU legislation for those whom suffer with gluten intolerances or allergies. As with any allergies, we do advise caution, and to seek the advice of a medial professional.

Can I drink these products if I am pregnant or on medication?

The answer will always be to consult your doctor. Even though the majority of our products are 100% alcohol free, we are not medical professionals and don't pretend to be! We recommend consulting a professional for your personal situation.

How do you ship your products?

Please see our Shipping Information here. Please email us with any questions. 

Rewards and Referrals:

How do I make a referral?

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Where do I login to review my rewards and tier status?

To check the balance of your points and available gifts navigate to the rewards page here. Alternatively, you can access your rewards through your account profile.

How do I redeem Loyalty Points and/or apply a referral discount? 

There are two ways to redeem your points. Either in the Checkout or before hand on our Loyalty Page. To use either, please start by Logging In with Code
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How do I know if I got a referral coupon?

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