What is Better Rhodes?

Better Rhodes is a place where anyone and everyone trying to find tasty alcohol-free options can come and find the best that the AF market has to offer. Better Rhodes was born when our founder, Chris Becker, couldn't find more than a few alcohol-free options. Even once he found them it was very expensive to buy a 6-pack from each company. Then comes Better Rhodes. We strive to give you the best alcohol-free options from all over the globe in one place at a reasonable cost.

What does "All Together" mean?

It means that no matter how you found Better Rhodes or an alcohol free lifestyle, we are all in it together. Whether you are sober, moderating drinking, an athlete training, participating in Sober October or Dry January, an expectant mom, or someone who is just simply curious... this is a place we can all come together and share recipes and support one another.

What kind of drinks do you offer?

We offer alcohol-free spirits, dealcoholized wines, low and no alcohol beers, sophisticated mixers, adult beverages, probiotic and non-alcoholic soft drinks. We are working constantly to be on top of the amazing new products the global market has to offer in order for you to get the best experience.

Are all of your beverages completely alcohol free?

No, there are a few wines and the majority of beers contain trace amounts of alcohol due to the way they are made. When we say trace, we mean that there is less than 0.5% alcohol. If you want to drink 0.0% alcohol, no problem! We offer a mixture of no alcohol (0.0%) and low alcohol (<0.5%) in all beverage categories. Under the descriptions of individual products the alcohol percentage or lack there of will be disclosed.

How does drinking alcohol free differ from drinking alcohol?

The only real difference is that alcohol-free spirits are not meant for taking shots. Some consumers get a bottle of let's say Seedlip. They get it warm and instantly take a swig of the bottle. This is not something you would do with an alcoholic spirit so why would you do it with an AF version? We recommend buying into the ritual of making a cocktail, except make it a mocktail! Check out our recipes before you open that warm bottle of an alcohol-free spirit and ruin your experience with alcohol-free products all together.

Can I drink these products if I am pregnant or on medication?

The answer will always be to consult your doctor. Even though the majority of our products are 100% alcohol free, we are not medical professionals and don't pretend to be! We recommend consulting a professional for your personal situation.

What is your address for local pickups?

Our office is located at 175 Fort Path Road, Suite 107, Madison CT. We are around the opposite side of the business park. If you continue around the building you will see our door with a large orange logo on it. You can't miss it!