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We’re a group of curious, confident people changing the narrative around alcohol. Our carefully curated marketplace makes it easy to discover non-alcoholic and alcohol-free options that not only taste great, but align with your wellness goals.

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Love these! Ordering them again! Excellent flavor combos. Calories per flavor totally worth it! That perfect mix of not too sweet and still providing a great taste that's not watered down.

Rachel F.

What fun it is to receive a box of hand selected mocktail options to try! Just starting on my sober journey this made it feel fun...

Shauna B.

This is the #1 Bubbly I have found that is so delicious and my go to for all far the BEST Non-Alcoholic Bubbly out there. Love IT!:)

Donna j S.

Really enjoyable, not too sweet as some are. I had to keep checking the bottle as I couldn't believe it was Alcohol Free.

Laura Z

Grüvi was delicious and refreshing. I poured it 50/50 with sparkling cider over a big square I’ve cube and it was absolutely lovely. Would buy again!

Andrea F

The best collection of non-alcoholic wine the market has ever seen

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Two Roots OksoberFest | 6-pack
Two Roots
Athletic Brewing Oktoberfest | 6-pack
Athletic Brewing
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review
Grüvi Mocha Nitro Stout | 6-pack
Blurred Vines Sharp
Three Spirits
Blurred Vines Spark
Three Spirits
Kin Euthenics Non Alcoholic Dream Light
Kin Euphorias Non-Alcoholic High Rhode
Kin Euphorics High Rhode
Kin Euphorics
Sale price $33.99 Regular price $38.99 Save $5
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