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What is Better Rhodes?

Better Rhodes is a place where anyone and everyone trying to find tasty alcohol-free options can come and find the best that the NA market has to offer.  Here you can find curated selections of spirits, wines, beers, mixers, and non-alcoholic soft drinks. We are working constantly to be on top of the amazing new products so our website never gets stagnant!


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Explore Ceder's

Ceder's Pink Rose Gin Alternative

An irresistible blend of classic gin botanicals including juniper, combined with subtle notes of rose and sweet hibiscus.

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What does "All Together" mean?

A little insight into our slogan

It means that no matter how you found Better Rhodes or an alcohol free lifestyle, we are all in it together. Whether you are sober, moderating drinking, an athlete training, participating in Sober October or Dry January, an expectant mom, or someone who is just simply curious... this is a place we can all come together, share recipes and support one another.

The best tasting alcohol-free brands are all here.

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