Better Rhodes Story


Better Rhodes started from trying to answer a fairly simple question. 

Where can you go to learn and try all the new Alcohol-Free products out there?

I want to try the best that's out there - help! 

I really dug into this while on vacation with family ... working from the Hermosa Beach Starbucks, trying to balance work and family time ... always competing priorities. Not drinking really fits this situation and having some tasty Alcohol-Free beers would be perfect!

In trying to find some to try out, I searched for hours, narrowing down to a few, with not too much information to go on. And then paid way too much to have it shipped. Minimum orders meant I had plenty in stock and left over. 

One thing became crystal clear.

Trying out Alcohol-Free drinks was time consuming and hard and largely a guessing game. Maybe I wasn't the only one? 

I started to discover all kinds of paths that folks may take to Alcohol-Free products as a lifestyle fit.

So many personal journeys that come from so many places while still All Together. 

  • moderating drinking or sober curious communities
  • aligning with your nutritional and wellness goals
  • as part athletics and exercise training
  • sober challenges with friends like Sober October and Dry January
  • a nice complement for the 420 crowd
  • expectant Moms
  • older folks where alcohol no longer fits their health goals

Whether you like interesting cocktails, premium beer styles or sparking wine, there is a growing number of great products out there to discover that make alcohol-free taste great.

From the range of journeys people may take and with the emerging premium beverages out there, Better Rhodes began.

'Better' in the sense many of us are all striving for improvement and the best. 'Rhodes' from its combined meanings ... from Old English meaning of 'clearing in the woods', and from Greek island home of the mythical Colossus - the statue to Helios, God of the sun.

Let Better Rhodes and our team help brighten your path to that place you want to be. We are excited to meet and see how the community is All Together while still following our own personal journeys. 

And thank you coming along 🙏 !!

Chris Becker, Founder