Better Rhodes Team


 Chris Becker | Founder/Advisor

Chris is a recovering management consultant and technology exec who has worked in startups and digital transformation way too long. This includes working inside lots of large companies in banking, finance, insurance and media. 

He's excited and is involved in several ventures in the web content, original programming and creative production industries that are revolutionizing content and entertainment in the digital age. 

Better Rhodes is the culmination of many personal and professional elements for Chris and he's extremely excited about the possibilities for AF and adult premium beverages. 



Daniel Stiller | CEO, CoFounder

Daniel and Chris go way back to their days playing pee wee hockey. Though dreams of making it to the NHL never materialized they continued to look for other opportunities to work together. The childhood friends have been walking different paths, but both found themselves at this clearing in the woods which Chris evolved into Better Rhodes.

Before joining Better Rhodes, Daniel held a number of senior positions in the automotive industry and stretched his entrepreneurial wings with a start-up electric car company, before joining the School of Business at Concordia University Chicago. Along with his role at Better Rhodes Daniel continues to teach and pursue his Ph.D. in I/O Psychology.  

For fun Daniel still plays hockey, skis, and golfs and has yet to be deterred by his utter lack of talent. As much as he sucks at his hobbies, he kills it as a dad of two teenage boys, husband to his amazing wife, and chump to his two dogs.


Dan's Staff Pick:

My drink is a Grapefruit Negroni
I make my Negroni with equal parts of alcohol free Campari and Gin from Sexy AF and add grapefruit juice* and a dash of club soda for a sophisticated cocktail that is refreshing and not too sweet.

*you can substitute orange juice if you prefer"




Trudy Becker | VP Product

Trudy brings years of retail and on-line sales experience to Better Rhodes. She enjoys building relationships with suppliers and customers in the burgeoning marketplace for alcohol-free and sober-curious people who have had few choices—until now.

Since attending the University of Florida, Gainesville, Trudy has worn many hats in the banking, human resources, customer service, and interior design industries. As a “Jill of all Trades”, she enthusiastically immerses herself in collaboration with the forward thinking Better Rhodes team.

In her leisure time, Trudy is a novice but determined golfer and loving grandmother to twins.

Trudy's Staff Pick:

One of my favorite drinks is Sexy AF Amar-oh, Sexy AF Viirgiin, grapefruit juice and Great Jamaican Ginger Beer.

I always put it in a stemmed cocktail glass and enjoy the "burn" of flavors with this combination. Often I will add fruit garnish, whatever I have on hand. My friends also like this drink.




Billy Poole | Brand Evangelist and Co Founder 
I am curious by nature and love exploring new ideas and roads. Everyone has their own path to “zen”. My road to zen is led by outdoor activities like running, open water swimming, hiking, and making cocktails!
The art and craft of making drinks bring me solace and joy! I've been an evolving craft cocktail maker for 10+ years. However, while my past was full of colorful nights of debauched excess, I now adopt a mindful approach to alcohol consumption. I choose to live a healthier lifestyle. I am an avid runner and open water swimmer. Taking the path of the mindful drinker opened my eyes to the world of alcohol-free spirits and beers. I've learned I can still have fun making great drinks…without the hangover! I love the process of sourcing ingredients, spirits, and recipes. There are many alcohol-free brands that provide a healthy alternative while still being tasty. Even more interesting is the growing number of CBD/THC and alcohol alternative beverages that help people take the edge off without the negative impact of alcohol. The Better Rhodes community offers many different roads for an alcohol-free lifestyle. I look forward to helping everyone find their own road by sharing great recipes and brands!


Billy's Staff Pick

Billys Gin Smash!

2 oz Ceders Pink Rose Spirit
1 oz Sexy AF Kamparii
1 oz Sexy AF Viirgiin
1oz Lyre's Italian Orange Spirit
1oz Splash Cosmo Mix
2 dried orange slices

      Leaving one dried orange slice for decoration; shake all ingredients with ice in shaker & strain into a glass with on large ice cube. Add 1 dried orange slice on top




      Sloane Sweitzer | VP Operations

      After finishing up school, Sloane was eager to find something she was passionate about. Sloane stumbled upon the Better Rhodes family and never looked back! She is an enthusiast for everything tasty and is driven to give people in the alcohol-free world the best options.

      She loves challenges in her personal and professional life. Even with a business mind she strives to think outside the box on new and creative ways to promote and create everything Better Rhodes. In her free time she loves to travel and enjoys everything the outdoors has to offer (hiking, boating, swimming). Last but certainly not least, her pride and joy is her dog Swanson. She is super excited to be a part of the Better Rhodes family!

      Sloane's Staff Pick:

      Mixed drink: Fever Tree Tonic Water mixed with Jalapeño & Honeydew Element Shrub

      Beer : Ceria Indiewave




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