Kentucky 74: Review


Kentucky 74 is a dream come true for every sober curious bourbon lover out there. You'll find an accurate recreation of the complex taste profile of bourbons in this spirit alternative. Let's find out more about the Spiritless Kentucky 74 and what makes it so awesome. 

The origin of Spiritless Kentucky 74

Spiritless Kentucky 74 was born when the world was going through a tumultuous time. In the middle of 2020, three distillers decided to revolutionize the no-alcohol beverages space. Lauren Chitwood, Abby Ferguson, and Lexie Larsen, the founders of Spiritless Kentucky 74, were event management professionals with a passion for non-alcoholic drinks. They were looking for a spirit alternative capable of keeping their guests engaged in big events. That's how Spiritless Kentucky 74 was born. 

The inspiration behind the drink

The inspiration is classic Kentucky Whiskey. It was also the biggest challenge facing Lauren Chitwood, Abby Ferguson, and Lexie Larsen. 

Kentucky 74 has a unique distillation process called reverse distillation. The drink starts off as an alcoholic beverage. A combination of grain-neutral spirits and handpicked oak makes strong alcohol. Without going into the nuances, we can simply say that the alcohol is then extracted from the drink. Then we are left with a no-alcohol beverage that has all the flavors found in Kentucky Bourbon. 

The complex distillation process gives the Kentucky 74 a distinct flavor that closely mimics the authentic taste and feel of Kentucky Bourbon. Its name comes from the fact that Spiritless is the 74th distillery in Kentucky. The Kentucky 74 packs the rich tradition of Kentucky Bourbon without a drop of alcohol. 

The taste profile of the Kentucky 74

It is hard to imagine Kentucky Bourbon's taste without alcohol in it. Traditionally, it is a quite strong drink with 40% alcohol content. Without alcohol, it is very difficult to mimic the authentic taste. That's where Spiritless Kentucky 74 shines over other spirit alternatives. 

Oak, smoky caramel, and vanilla are three prominent notes in the drink. These give it the rich and full taste and texture that we look for in a Kentucky Bourbon, sans the alcohol. However, that's far from it. As you get used to the richness of caramel, vanilla, and oak, you are greeted with the punch of peppery ginger. 

Kentucky 74: More than a Kentucky Bourbon

The intention of Kentucky 74 was never to replace Kentucky Bourbon. Spiritless mentions this clearly in the product. Instead, the purpose of Kentucky 74 is to have a non-alcoholic beverage for making bourbon cocktails.

Another way people enjoy Kentucky 74 is to have it with Kentucky Bourbon. Mix both beverages in a 1:1 ratio, and you will have a great bourbon drink. Spiritless Kentucky 74 works well for all types of bourbon cocktails, and there are tons of recipes out there. 

A healthy alternative

If alcohol is getting between you and your fitness goals, Spiritless Kentucky 74 can come to your aid. The composition of the drink does not have anything that is harmful to the health. It is also low on calories - 15 calories per 2oz (ca. 76 gram) serving. Each serving has just 1 gram of sugar and 4 grams of carbs. 

Health-conscious bourbon lovers can finally have cocktails to their heart's content without any worry. Even if you enjoy traditionally-made bourbon, you can use the Kentucky 74 to craft amazing drinks. Once you get used to the scent, texture, aroma, and taste, there's no going back. It'll be a part of your cellar forever.

Should you have the Spiritless Kentucky 74?

Yes, we recommend the Spiritless Kentucky 74 to everyone. Even if you are in no mood to ditch alcohol, the Kentucky 74 can be a great match to go with your hard drink. If you like experimenting with different ingredients and mixes, Kentucky 74 will give you a solid base to work on. Even when you need a simple, go-to, everyday beverage, Kentucky 74 will go well with everything. In a nutshell, it is definitely worth a try, no matter what your preferences. All the more so if you are a fan of Kentucky Bourbon. 


Kentucky 74 is a tribute to the rich tradition of bourbon making in Kentucky. Spiritless has perfectly captured the essence of the classic Kentucky Bourbon in a non-alcoholic alternative. Give it a shot for your cocktails and mocktails. Buy Kentucky 74 here.