Ritual Tequila Alternative: Review

Ritual tequila alternative does a tremendous job at mimicking the authentic taste and mouthfeel of tequila. If you are looking for an alcohol-free Spirit that is comparable to the real deal, Ritual tequila alternative might be what you are looking for.


Many people who haven't tried Alcohol-Free spirits can't believe that they match the taste and feel of their traditionally-made counterparts, finding them sometimes too bitter or too sweet. Ritual strikes a good balance and closely mimics the aura tequila. We urge you to try it and see for yourself.

Why choose alcohol-free tequila

Most people look for non-alcoholic tequila if you want to make a killer margarita without alcohol. That's where Ritual tequila alternative comes into play. It is a great option for making margaritas that resemble the authentic taste very closely.

There are many reasons people seek alcohol-free options. One of them is health issues. While alcohol is not objectively harmful to health, it is not recommended under certain circumstances. 

Why Ritual tequila alternative scores so high in the industry-standard Beverage Testing Institute

The Beverage Testing Institute gives Ritual tequila alternative a score of 94 out of 100 when it comes to taste. There are not many ways to mimic the taste of authentic alcohol, but Ritual gets it right.

Here's what contributes to the authentic tast of Ritual tequila alternative:

  • Blue agave aroma is the primary ingredient that makes Ritual tequila alternative so close to real tequila. As you open the bottle, you can smell its fresh fragrance. The smell itself echos the feel of tequila and the classic margarita. Many alcohol alternatives fall short in this important aspect. They fail to mimic the aroma, which makes it all the more difficult to mimic the taste. 
  • Ritual tequila alternative has the classic golden hue that is characteristic of tequila. The very sight of the drink invokes associations of tequila in our minds. If the shade and hue of the drink are not right, it creates a psychological barrier to appreciating the taste. Cocktails are as much about aesthetics as they are about taste. Bartenders spend years perfecting the aesthetic appeal of a cocktail. and Ritual gets it right. 
  • Ripe tropical guava gives Ritual tequila alternative the true taste of tequila. When used for margaritas, it acts all the more deeply to resemble the true taste of tequila. The tropical guava exudes a sense of coolness and freshness that characterizes the classic summer margarita. The fruity taste accompanies the fresh aroma, which combines to make Ritual tequila alternative one of the best in the market.

  • After the tropical guava note, the sharp taste of black peppercorns will invite you to Ritual tequila alternative. Without the sharp note and taste of the black peppercorn, you would not get the experience of having an alcoholic drink (which is not alcoholic in reality). Black peppercorns give Ritual tequila alternative a true margarita experience and do not make it a trade-off or a compromise.
  • Charred oak and mesquite smoke engulf you just when you are beyond the sharpness of the black peppercorn. These ingredients give Ritual tequila alternative the complete taste profile that makes the drink a right fit for margaritas. Without these two important ingredients and their taste profile, the drink will seem lacking.
  • Bright Mexican lime and a touch of sea salt give Ritual tequila alternative the finish that it deserves. It seals the experience of having a great margarita with a drop of alcohol in it. Without these final touches, Ritual tequila alternative would seem incomplete.

How to make a margarita with Ritual tequila alternative

Making margarita with Ritual tequila alternative is extremely simple. All you need to do is swap tequila with Ritual tequila alternative. Then proceed to add lime or the cocktail mix of your choice.

As you can see, making a great drink with spirit alternatives is very easy. In many ways, it is the same as making cocktails with regular alcoholic spirits.

It is a popular misconception that zero-alcohol drinks are only for teetotalers. You will enjoy these drinks even if you enjoy traditionally-made spirits as well. Combining both is also a great idea.


Have you been hesitant to try zero alcohol drinks because you think they do not cut it? Ritual Tequila alternative can prove you wrong. Apart from resembling the complete taste profile of tequila, it is great for making cocktails. With the perfect hue, aroma, and taste, you will not be complaining about the lack of alcohol. Give the drink a shot, and we assure you that it won't be a disappointment. Get your Ritual Tequila Alternative at Better Rhodes.