Staff Picks

 Try some of our top picks from the team at Better Rhodes.


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Daniel Stiller | CEO, CoFounder

My drink is a Grapefruit Negroni
I make my Negroni with equal parts of alcohol free Campari and Gin from Sexy AF and add grapefruit juice* and a dash of club soda for a sophisticated cocktail that is refreshing and not too sweet.

*you can substitute orange juice if you prefer



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Billy Poole | Brand Evangelist and Co Founder 

Billys Gin Smash!

2 oz Ceders Pink Rose Spirit
1 oz Sexy AF Kamparii
1 oz Sexy AF Viirgiin
1oz Lyre's Italian Orange Spirit
1oz Splash Cosmo Mix
2 dried orange slices

Pour all ingredients (leaving one dried orange slice for decoration) and ice in shaker. Shake the shit out if it till your arms are sore. Strain into glass with one big block of ice. Add one dried orange slice on top.
GivR! 🤣


Trudy Becker | VP Product

One of my favorite drinks is Sexy AF Amar-oh, Sexy AF Viirgiin, grapefruit juice and Great Jamaican Ginger Beer.

 I always put it in a stemmed cocktail glass and enjoy the "burn" of flavors with this combination. Often I will add fruit garnish, whatever I have on hand.



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Sloane Sweitzer | VP Operations

Mixed Drink: Fever tree tonic water and Jalapeño & Honeydew Element Shrub

Beer pick: Ceria Indiewave