Everything You Need to Know About Lyre's Spirit Alternatives

Lyre's is one of the most prominent names in the world of alcohol alternatives. The sober curious movement has taken off, and Lyre's is making the best of it. In our opinion, it is among the best brands for zero alcohol drinks in the world right now. Everything from its taste profile to its mouthfeel resembles traditionally-made alcoholic drinks. Over the past years, Lyre's has become immensely popular and has established its position in the world of alcohol alternatives. 

Origin of Lyre's spirit alternatives

Based out of Australia, Lyre's is now popular in countries across the world. Unlike many alcohol alternative brands, Lyre's did not take any shortcuts. CEO of the company Mark Livings and his team spent three years trying to find the perfect combination. Once the formulation was ready and had passed the quality checks, Lyre's launched 13 variants in the market. Yes, 13, not 1 or 2. 

It came as a surprise to many when Lyre's decided to come out with 13 variants all at once. The prevalent notion in the zero alcohol market is to launch only one or two products and brand them effectively. Lyre's, on the other hand, was confident in their quality. The company held inaugural tasting meets in different parts of the world, and they garnered praise unanimously. Since its launch, Lyre's has continued to improve and add more flavors to its collection. 

Lyre's also makes more than spirit alternatives. They also have some stunning ready-to-drink, pre-mixed cocktails, perfect to pop and pour! If you are looking for an alcohol alternative that is not disappointing, try Lyre's!

Lyre's Spirit Alternatives

There are many variants in Lyre's collection. You are not restricted to one or two choices when it comes to Lyre's collection. Whether you like gin, whiskey, or rum, Lyre's has something for you. Let's have a more in-depth look at them.

Dry London Spirit

A classic gin alternative, the Dry London Spirt, is for those who want a more premium drink. Dry London Spirit mimics the taste and feel of gin very accurately, but it is more than that. It has a distinct flavor profile complemented by juniper and citrus. For the ultimate experience, mix it with Lyre's Italian Orange, citrus, mint, and Mediterranean tonic water and add a dash of rosemary and pink grapefruit. 

American Malt

One of the bestsellers from the house of Lyre's, the American Malt is everything you can ask for in a bourbon whiskey alternative. The taste profile of this drink has notes of exotic spices, which are perfectly balanced with other fruity ingredients. As you sip it, you will feel the rich vanilla notes hitting your taste buds while toasted nuts and herbs balance it out. It has a great aftertaste, which is rich and premium, to say the least. To get the most out of it, have it with Lyre's Aperitif Rosso and Lyre's Italian Orange. 

Italian Spritz

Aperitifs generally do well in the segment of non-alcoholic spirits. Lyre's, however, surprise us as always. The Italian Spritz has fresh hints of orange, but that's not all. The true champion in this drink is the astringent rhubarb. It gives you that refreshing feeling that we look for in apéritifs. The finish of the drink is dry yet very refreshing. If you want to get the complete apéritif drinking experience, have the Italian Spritz with soda and tonic water with a dash of lime to seal the deal. 

Agave Blanco Spirit

Coming soon to Better Rhodes, Lyre's Agave Blanco Spirit is a new addition to the Lyre's collection. It has the same richness that characterizes all Lyre's spirit alternatives. Once you have a sip, the pleasant hints of citrus and roasted agave welcome you. As you indulge in those flavors, the sharpness of the peppery spice will take the taste and aroma profile to the next level. If you love margaritas, the Agave Blanco Spirit will be a perfect companion. 


As you can figure out by now, Lyre's spirit alternative collection is a premium range in itself. It is not just an alcohol alternative. Everything from the taste to the mouthfeel to the aroma has a distinct character. You can have them neat or mixed with other drinks. Lyre's also has a great range of mixers and tonics, which take their non-alcoholic drinks to the next level. We urge you to give it a try, especially if you have yet to find the perfect spirit alternative for you.