Founder's Story

Have you ever had a friend you thought had your back only to realize the exact opposite was true? That was the truth I'd revisited again and again. 

So, I decided to make a lifestyle change that would help me become a better "me" for my family and my community. I wanted to find a better, and yes, easier way to put alcohol in its place in my life.

The thing is, I didn’t want to ‘give up’ those feelings of fun, relaxation, celebration and community that have become synonymous with drinking. So, I began looking for alcohol-free options that delivered the same taste and experience minus the booze.

As I researched, I realized there were many different varieties of AF beers, wines and spirits on the market there just wasn’t a single place online to shop for them all. I was also struck by the stories and experiences of people who made the switch to AF drinking; they hailed from all different backgrounds and sought AF options for a myriad of different health, wellness and lifestyle reasons.

Alcohol is many things but one thing it isn't, is a way to focus and be present. Putting alcohol in a different place in our lives is empowering. For some this is moderation. Others, it's a focus on taste or getting that 'buzz' from other experiences: running, 420, diet, mindfulness. The roads are yours to choose. Regardless, we are all one community. All Together.

For me, it's a journey I'm still on. It's great to know you are part of a wider community of people on their own journey and their own stories to tell. 

I hope you find value in the Better Rhodes message and community.

And thank you coming along 🙏 !!

Chris Becker, Founder