We are Hiring!


Do you want to join a fun and energetic start-up here on the CT Shoreline? 

Better Rhodes is a small but growing company poised for rapid expansion. This is the perfect opportunity to gain experience and grow with a business striving to make a difference.

We are an alcohol-free and non-alcoholic marketplace and community that is trying to change the way people think about mental and physical health. Our goal is to become the premiere alcohol-free marketplace in the country. We're in the business of making change, and are seeking great people to keep propelling us forward.

 Better Rhodes Alcohol Free Marketplace


Full-Time and Part-Time Opportunities:

Fulfillment Specialist

Office & Fulfillment Coordinator 


 Who we are and what do we value?

  • Unapologetic- We don't apologize for being alcohol free, we aren't lacking. We are different, our name is a statement, not a suggestion.

  • Assertive- We are not kids anymore, we know who we are and what we want: we are comfortable drinking what we want, wherever we want.

  • Active- We are an active group and have a health conscious approach to diet and exercise. Not drinking is a natural part of this lifestyle.

  • Contrarian- Not afraid to march to the beat of your own drum and often seek a different path and lead the way.

  • Positive- For people who are constantly striving for more and expect the best from themselves and others.

  • Curious- We love to explore, to learn and to understand, and we are open to change and strive to incorporate new experiences into better living.

  • Community- Importance of connection: with others, with yourself, with your higher power.

  • Mindful- Speaks to mindfulness, being present, oneness with others, focus.

  • Liberating- Freedom of choice, new options, new roads, new paths.

Better Rhodes Alcohol Free Non-Alcoholic

If you are interested in applying to join our team, please email us with your information. 

Resumes and Cover Letters can be emailed to careers@betterrhodes.com