5 Ways to Feel Comfortable Not Drinking at Parties This Summer

Summertime offers up a lot of opportunities for concerts, boating, barbecues, and more. In a lot of cases, we culturally associate these events with alcohol. While everyone is free to be true to themselves, it can sometimes be a little awkward to have to explain over and over why you might not be partaking in alcohol that day.

Maybe it’s not even awkward, but you have an obligation the next day that you cannot do with a hangover. Or perhaps you’re just not feeling it! Whatever the rhyme or reason, having a plan of action is the best way to guarantee a successful alcohol-free jaunt when everyone else is indulging.

Keep a beverage in-hand!

Keeping a drink in your hands (a non-alcoholic one, obviously) at all times will keep people from questioning whether or not you’re drinking. It will keep you from the peer pressure, the awkward questions, and the possible “let me get you a drink!” offers from other partygoers.

This is an old trick, but you can spice it up by bringing your own alcohol alternatives to mix non-alcoholic cocktails. We have some awesome collections like the Damrak Pineapple Gin Fizz or Sloane’s Ultimate Marg Kit available in our Collections section. You’ll never have to sacrifice taste again!

A newer trick we learned is adding garnishes to whatever you’re drinking. Garnishes are usually reserved for cocktails, and it will keep people from questioning what’s in the cup!

Plan your exit ahead of time

We’ve heard of people setting curfews on themselves, telling friends ahead of time they’ll be leaving early, and even meditating on their own people-pleasing motivations. Sometimes the worst part about leaving a party early is the disappointed looks from your friends and the FOMO that sets in.

Get honest about your intentions and prepare yourself for the questions. You can still have a blast and not drink — they’re not mutually exclusive!

Start conversations and keep it social

We know this is easier said than done in some cases. “Liquid courage” is real for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have courage without the sauce! Keeping yourself engaged, entertained, and curious makes you the most interesting person at the party — regardless of what you’re drinking.

Remember the positives

When we choose not to drink for a night, there are a lot of positives we can focus on to keep us on track. You have a safe ride home, you’ll feel rested and energized in the morning, and have no anxiety over what you may have said or done the night before. Keep reminding yourself of how much more you’ll be able to get done the next day and how wonderful your own bed will feel!

Put yourself first, and give yourself some love!

We’re all human, and sometimes we make choices that others don’t agree with — because we’re all different. That doesn’t mean we’re not all in it together.

Remember, you owe no one your story or explanation for your choices, and no one can make you feel guilty or wrong about doing what is best for you at any time. And if you choose to have a drink? That’s okay, too. That doesn’t make you a bad person or a failure. Being kind to yourself no matter what you choose is the best way to build trust in yourself.