Best Alcohol Free Drinks for Winter


Non-alcoholic hot winter drinks that give whiskey a run for its money

When it comes to whiskey, many of us don’t believe that any beverage can beat the real deal. But here’s the truth. With more people turning away from alcohol these days, companies are experimenting with creating alcohol free alternatives that are as close to whiskey in taste but without the alcohol after effects.

If you’d like to try a whiskey imitation non-alcoholic beverage, then look no further than the options we’ve given below:

Spiritless’s Kentucky 74

When it comes to alcohol free whiskey imitations, we can’t have a list without Spiritless’s Kentucky 74. Started by entrepreneurs who wanted to enjoy whiskey without having to deal with the alcohol’s after effects, Spiritless’s Kentucky 74 offers a delicious full bodied beverage that will keep you warm during the coldest winters.

This drink stems from the birthplace of the Bourbon. And so, you’ll find that the Spiritless’s Kentucky 74 taste profile is very much like the Bourbon – oaky and caramel, with hints of vanilla. People with a discerning palate will also notice the tinge of sweet corn and kerosene-like after taste with this drink.

Lyre’s American Malt

If you are looking for an alcohol free drink that is a comparable Bourbon imitator of the Spiritless’s Kentucky 74, then you should turn to Lyre’s American Malt. This one would definitely impress the regular whiskey drinker – it’s that close to the actual Bourbon taste profile. Even aesthetically, it's easy to get confused between the real whiskey and the fake one.

The only reason why Lyre’s American Malt loses points in our books is the very thin and watery texture of the drink. While this texture isn’t as noticeable when you mix the Lyre’s American Malt into a cocktail, drunk by itself, it can put some people off.

Monday Zero Alcohol Whiskey

One of the things about whiskey that makes it a comfort during cold winters is the burn it creates in us. That burning sensation warms us up quickly and makes us feel cozy and comforted. One of the non-alcoholic whiskeys that replicate the “burn” of the whiskey is the Monday Zero Alcohol Whiskey.

This drink is a beautiful blend of juniper, citrus, spices, and natural botanicals. It has a dry finish and a really strong kick. That’s because of the heavy dependence on heat producing spices that deliver a stronger burn than some alcoholic whiskeys do.

The Spirit Of Bourbon By Free Spirits

This generously flavored and full bodied alcohol free whiskey is one of the best hot winter drinks on the market. This is a toffee flavored drink with hints of oak and caramel in it. One sip, and you’ll be reminded of the comforting taste of roasted almonds and brown sugar syrup.

The Spirit Of Bourbon By Free Spirits also has a hint of red cherry flavor in it, giving it a higher acidic level than most alcohol free whiskeys. While it isn’t the spiciest drink on the market, it can certainly pack a punch when you mix it with cocktails or even mocktails.

Seir Hill Mashville Whiskey Alternative

Want a beverage that’s sophisticated and perfect for your winter parties? If yes, Seir Hill Mashville Whiskey Alternative non-alcoholic whiskey should be on top of your list. Its delicious, warm, and robust flavor makes it a favorite with so many people. The drink is steeped in spices, making it a comfortable companion during the winters.

The full bodied texture makes it a pleasure to drink it. When drinking it, you’ll be able to taste notes of red apple cider, corn, charred oak, and clove.

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey

“Prickly” is the word that comes to mind when we think of the Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey. A drink that some consider too hot to handle really prides itself on giving drinkers an unforgettable experience.

What makes this alcohol free whiskey so different from others is the overuse of natural ingredients that are chockful of Capsaicin. Peppercorn, capsicum, green jalapeño, and Zanthoxylum (more commonly called prickly ash) give this drink the kick you'd feel when you drink it. But after the spice abates, the drink become milder, with caramel and oak flavors taking center stage. There's also a hint of vanilla in there. This diverse flavor profile makes the Ritual Zero Proof on alcoholic whiskey a perfect choice for a variety of cocktails. 

Sexy AF’s Friski Whiski

A non-alcoholic whiskey designed specifically for mocktails, the Sexy AF’s Friski Whiski boasts of delicious spices like cinnamon, allspice, and angelica, amongst others. This gives the drink a uniquely hot and sweet flavor, with hints of bitterness that work so great with so many fruit punches and sodas. There are no added sugar preservatives in the Sexy AF’s Friski Whiski. And the makers say that it is allergen-free, making it suitable for everyone. While this beverage doesn’t taste as close to real whiskey, it’s a good enough alternative if you’re looking for alcohol free drinks for winter.

Delicious alcohol free drinks for winter that you can choose instead of red wine

Whiskey aside, red wine is another one of the best delicious drinks for winter. If you love the idea of wine, but don’t want to drink the alcohol-rich red wine beverage, then this list of alcohol free red wines will be something that you’ll enjoy.

Let’s take a look:

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

This delicious dealcoholized wine makes the perfect accompaniment for a variety of dishes. With a taste of light berries and warm chocolate, this alcohol free red wine can be drunk as is or be mixed with cocktails and mocktails too.

The Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon is aged in an oak barrel and is packed in a red wine bottle to give it the appearance of authentic red wine.

Hill Street Vin (Zero) Cabernet Sauvignon

Looking for a red wine alternative that can electrify your winter? If yes, look no further than the Hill Street Vin (Zero) Cabernet Sauvignon. This non-alcoholic red wine is one of the best additions to your kitchen and bar. Made with various types of currants – black currants, red currants, and more, it tastes like an exotic fruit punch, with the flavor profile and texture leaning towards red wine. It’s super hearty and perfect for your lunch or dinner accompaniment.

Noughty Sparkling Rosé

While the Noughty Sparkling Rosé isn’t a perfect alcohol free alternative to red wine, it does make a good replacement for the Rose. Made with organic ingredients, this drink is lighter and more bubbly compared to red wine alternatives. If you’re expecting company during winter who also doesn’t drink alcohol, pull out a bottle of Noughty Sparkling Rosé and make an occasion of it.

Luminara Non-Alcoholic Napa Red Blend 2018

Another red wine that isn’t really wine is the Luminara Non-Alcoholic Napa Red Blend 2018. Coming in a bottle that looks very much like a Merlot, the Luminara Non-Alcoholic Napa Red Blend 2018 has a delicious velvety smooth texture and a mild taste, which caters to both French and American tastebuds. It can be a great accompaniment for a variety of meats and veggies and can be drunk as is or included with a cocktail or mocktail.

Hand on Heart Cabernet Sauvignon

Hand on Heart Cabernet Sauvignon is another delicious alcohol free red wine alternative for winters. This deep red beverage boasts notes of acai berry, cherries, black currants, and vanilla. You’ll also get an after-taste of licorice, tobacco, and mocha, with a smoky finish that will last in your mouth for some time. With such a complex palate, this is one for alcohol free red wine aficionados to take home and gift to their loved ones.

Top fruit juices to add to your alcohol free cocktails

We’re sure that you’re rearing to go and get started on making your delicious and alcohol free easy winter cocktails. Now, you can’t make them with just the whiskey and red wine alternatives we’ve provided. You’ll need a couple more ingredients – the top of which are fruit juices.

Here are the common fruit juices that we recommend.

Red grape juice

Red grape juice is an excellent choice for people who love their fruit and want to strengthen the taste of their red wine cocktails. You can get bottled red grape juice in any supermarket. It’s great not only for drinking but for using in cooking too.

Pomegranate Juice

The sharp, metallic tanginess of pomegranate juice makes it an excellent choice for red wine cocktails. One of the reasons why pomegranate juice is excellent for winters is that its chockful of Vitamin C and strengthens our immunity against the cold too.

Cranberry juice

Did you know that you can heat up cranberry juice? That’s right. You read it correctly. Heated cranberry juice has been a favorite of many people for a long time because it's one of the best hot winter drinks for teetotalers. In fact, cranberry juice can be added to many winter cocktails and mocktails to enhance their taste. This goes for both whiskey based and red wine based cocktails.

Apple juice

Haven’t you heard of the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, apple juice does more than that. For many people who don’t enjoy alcohol, apple juice is a great addition to non-alcoholic cocktails and for flavoring during cooking. You can make a variety of delicious mocktails and cocktails that are perfect for keeping yourself toasty warm during winters and also use apple juice in cooking.

Easy winter cocktails you can make, without any booze

Now that you’ve seen some of our top picks for alcohol free drinks for winter, let’s just take a quick look at some of the easy winter cocktails you can make by using the above whiskey and red wine alcohol free substitutes:

Alcohol free Whiskey Sour

Any of the non-alcoholic whiskeys we’ve listed above can be used to make a whiskey sour. Just add lemon juice, honey syrup, and ice to the alcohol free whiskey of your choice and add orange slices to garnish.

Alcohol free Sangria Punch

Sangria is a much-loved cocktail for red wine aficionados. So, why not use one of our recommended non-alcoholic red wines to make a sangria punch? All it takes apart from your alcohol free wine is orgeat syrup, orange juice, lime juice, club soda, and ice, with lemon, mint, and berries for garnishing.

Cranberry Sparkler

Remember our red wine alternatives that have hints of cranberry? Well, you can easily use one of those to make an alcohol free Cranberry Sparkler. It just needs three other ingredients – ice, club soda, and lime juice. Optional orange peel for garnishing will be the zinger on this non-alcoholic winter wine. 

You can also replace cranberry juice with pomegranate juice and make a pomegranate sparkler. 

Alcohol free Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned has always been an old favorite with whiskey lovers, and rightly so. There’s something magical with this drink. So why should you not experience the same magic because you don’t drink alcohol? One of the best and easy winter cocktails to make is the non-alcoholic old fashioned. You can make this by using any of the above-mentioned alcohol free whiskeys and mixing them with sugar syrup and any non-alcoholic aromatic bitters of your choice. Once again, the orange peel garnish is optional.

Alcohol free Mint Julep

Mint juleps are made with Bourbons. And as we’ve seen, there are plenty of bourbon alternatives on our list. Just pick up a bottle that calls to you, along with ginger ale, mint leaves, sugar syrup, and ice. A sprig of mint for garnish will make the drink more delicious.

Mocktail Mary

We know that the traditional Bloody Mary is made from Vodka. But, as whiskey lovers, we can attest that whiskey does make a mean Mary. So, it stands to reason that you can make a Mocktail Mary using one of our non-alcoholic whiskeys. So, get hold of a bottle you’d like and some lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, ground black pepper, Tobasco sauce, and tomato juice. A celery stalk can make a great garnish.


So, now that you’ve seen our epic list of hot winter drinks and easy winter cocktails using alcohol free whiskey and red wine, why not give these recipes a try? We’re sure you’ll love them during the snowy and cold winter season.