Better Without is More than Just an App to Buy Alcohol-free Drinks

Did you ever found yourself wanting to get an alcohol-free drink but couldn't find the store that serves it? If you have, now, there is an app that enables you to find alcohol-free drinks in a matter of seconds - The Better Without App. Before you get your hand on the app, here’s what you need to learn about the app.

Things to know about the Better Without app

The Better Without app was founded by Jonny Stevens in late 2020. It made its mark in the U.K. market first, and then gradually entered the markets of the US, Australia, and Canada. 

What is the app?

The app is dedicated to assisting non-alcoholic drinkers to discover their favorite non-alcoholic drinks. It also helps them in finding nearby restaurants and stores that serve those beverages. The app makes finding non-alcoholic beers, wines, and spirits easy.

How did this idea come up? This idea blossomed during the pandemic when Stevens catered to his personal need. Stevens was working in a full-time tech-supporting role for restaurants and hotels and the pandemic happened where he got sidelined from the role. During this time, he found out that he was dealing with mental health issues and alcohol was the major reason for this. So, he decided to shift from alcoholic drinks to non-alcoholic ones. As he was experiencing these drinks, an idea popped up in his mind. He wanted an app that could locate stores and restaurants that stock such drinks. This made the way to the creation of the Better Without app.

A step-by-step guide to downloading the Better app

Downloading the Better app is easy. It is available both on Apple and Android devices.

If you have an Apple smartphone, you can access the app by:

  • Opening the Apple Play Store.
  • Search the Better Without app in the search box.
  • From the search results, select the app and click the download button.

For an Android smartphone, you can download the app by:

  • Opening the Google Play Store.
  • Search the term “Better Without app” using the search box.
  • From the list, select the app.
  • Download the app.

Another option to get the app is through its official website. 

  • Open the Better Without website from your smartphone. You can do this by going to the Google Search Engine. There, enter the term “Better Without app” in the search engine.
  • After doing that, from the search results, locate the official website and click on it.
  • On the homepage, there are two options - Download via Apple Store and Download via Google Store.
  • Click on the appropriate option. Once you do that, the play store opens, from where you can download the app.

How does the Better app solve a lot of your problems?

Despite the rise in the popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, there was no dedicated tool to help non-drinkers discover them. So, one of the major problems that it solves is it enables non-drinkers to locate nearby stores and restaurants that stock non-alcoholic or alcoholic-free beverages.

Apart from this, it provides detailed product information, visuals of all the products, different styles of products, and producers of the beverages which makes searching for the right drink easier.

Non-alcoholic drinks: The Better app experience

The Better Without app helps in discovering non-alcoholic beers, wines, and spirits and tells where to buy them, whether it is nearby restaurants or stores. 

If you are looking to buy non-alcoholic beverages online, you can try Better Rhodes which has a stake in Better Without app. In wines, you can try Better Rhodes Wander + Found wines and Better Rhodes Zeero Sangiovese. In beers, there is Better Rhodes Big Drop Brewing. And, in cocktails, Better Rhodes Sir James and Better Rhodes Free Spirits are fine brands.

Using the app, you can filter different styles of beverages and find the one that suits you. In addition to this, it gives vital information like which food goes well with which drink. It also provides product ratings and reviews which can help in filtering out the worst drinks. You can even give your opinion on a particular drink as well.

With the app, you can create a list of your favorite drinks and save them to review later. The app also provides the latest news and the arrival of new products in the market.

Other things to keep in mind that the Better app helps with

The app not only helps non-alcoholic drinkers find their favorite drinks but also helps brands to promote their drinks. It gives a platform to drink brands to highlight their brand story, explain in detail about their product, and tell the consumers where they can buy their products. 

It also offers hospitality and retail brands a place to showcase the drinks they sell. By creating a simple profile on the app, these brands can promote the drinks to thousands of non-alcoholic drinkers.

Some parting thoughts on the app

Today millions of people are changing their drinking habits. They are switching from alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages because they want to be physically and mentally fit. That said, finding these beverages is a difficult task which is where Better Without app comes in handy. 

It helps in discovering a variety of alcohol-free drinks according to taste and dietary requirements. Plus, provides you with detailed information about the drink and at the same time gives a few tips as well, like which food pairs well with a drink.

Not only alcoholic drinkers, this app even helps drink brands and hospitality brands. It provides an opportunity for the brands to connect with consumers to promote their drinks and brand. This app is a win-win for both consumers and brands.