How Many Types of Non Alcohol Drinks are There?

Non-alcoholic drinks: The most popular types

The non-alcoholic drinks market is filled with options galore, and it would be impossible to list all of them within a single article. However, we are going to take you through the most popular types of non alcoholic drinks that have taken the market by storm.

1. Jukes 6

If you're a red wine lover, you're bound to fall in love with this one. From the taste of fine red wine to its depth to its food-enhancing abilities, Jukes 6 does it all. Its taste is a bit on the spicy side, but it has fruity hints as well. For the best experience, we recommend you mix the Jukes 6 with soda water. 

The Jukes 6 features ingredients like berries, brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar. You can also use this wine mimic to conjure up some truly delectable meatball and steak recipes. There's also a Jukes 1 if you're into white wine. However, the Jukes 6 is the better choice, in our humble opinion.

2. Casamara Club

Casamara Club is an amaro club soda brand, and the presentation of its bottles is very similar to how beer bottles look. There's a subtlety to this club soda in terms of the effervescence and the bite, and it does well to imitate the beer vibe.

You can choose from four unique flavors that include honey-and-mint notes and earthy citrus. It's one of the types of drinks non alcoholic that comes in a variety pack, and that's what you should buy if you want to try out all the different flavors. Casamara Club is also a good non-alcoholic beverage option for sugar-conscious people, as it packs only 4 grams of sweetener per bottle.

3. CleanCo Clean T

CleanCo is a British producer of non-alcoholic beverages, and the company has gained notoriety for crafting some truly exceptional alternatives of tequila, vodka, rum, and gin. The Clean T is the tequila alternative, and despite having no alcohol, it does remarkably well to capture the essence of tequila.

While tequila alternatives from other brands have been criticized for having a chemical taste and/or smell, that isn't a problem with the CleanCo Clean T. We recommend trying out mocktail versions of popular tequila-based cocktails like N/A Paloma and skinny margarita with this one.

4. Topo Chico

Topo Chico may be a sparkling water brand, but you'd be wrong to think of it as regular sparkling water. Its flavor has an earthly balance to it, and its carbonation is unique as well, and these qualities combine to give the Topo Chico a cocktail-like taste.

The best way to enjoy Topo Chico is to pour it over some ice and add cardamom bitters and lemon. If you have no imminent plan of cutting short on booze, you can also use this as a sugar-free mixer.

5. Ritual Zero-Proof Gin

Ritual's Zero-Proof Gin is one of the best gin alternatives out there, and it's great for creating some truly memorable mocktails. This gin mimic has a flavor that combines the essence of pine and juniper, and its elixir is citrusy, crisp, and bright.

Many taste testers have singled the Ritual Zero-Proof Gin out as their favorite replacement for gin and tonic. It has no added sugar as well. If you're using this in a mocktail, add some simple syrup if you want some sweetness.

6. Ghia Non-Alcoholic Aperitif

In the Mediterranean, aperitifs are incredibly popular alcoholic drinks. However, if you want an aperitif minus the alcohol, you can opt for this non-alcoholic alternative from Ghia.

It contains a variety of botanical extracts, ginger, citrus, and white grape juice. The taste is soothing, and for wine and aperitif lovers who want to cut down on alcohol consumption, this is a brilliant option.

7. Athletic Brewing Co.

Athletic Brewing Co. is one of the best alcohol-free beer manufacturers. The company offers mainstays such as a dark beer and an IPA but occasionally surprises its audience with some limited-edition variants as well.

The brewing process of Athletic Brewing Co.'s non-alcoholic beers is similar to how real beer is brewed. However, to keep the alcohol content as low as possible, certain variables, such as temperature, need to be adjusted.

8. Three Spirits

Three Spirits is a UK-based brand that has three flavors to offer - Livener, Social Elixir, and Nightcap. Livener offers a bright and citrusy sweet flavor, and it's fortified with plants that are full of energy and euphoria. Social Elixir has an earthy, bittersweet taste, and its ingredients include lion's mate mushroom, yerba mate, and green tea. Nightcap is made from lemon balm and valerian root, which are both known for their relaxing properties.

To enjoy these non-alcoholic drinks at their finest, we recommend having them with tonic. However, feel free to drink them on the rocks as well.

9. Curious Elixirs

As far as bottled mocktails go, there are very few options in the market that are better than Curious Elixirs. There are 7 Curious Elixirs flavors for you to try, and we definitely recommend you to go for the blood orange ginseng and the juniper cucumber flavors. These booze-free beverages contain adaptogens, which mimic the relaxing effects of alcohol without doing damage to your body.

To experience all the Curious Elixirs at their best, you should try them with some ice in a cocktail glass. These work wonderfully as mixers as well. What's more? There's absolutely no sugar in these beverages. So you can binge on them without worrying about their effects on your health.

10. TOST

If you're on the lookout for a non-alcoholic alternative to cider, look no further than TOST. This sparkling drink contains ginger, cranberry, and white tea. At first glance, what's most impressive about this beverage is its packaging, which looks as inviting as a bottle of champagne. It has a light fizz to it, and in terms of taste, it's sweet without overdoing the sweetness.

There are two types of bottles - a 25 oz bottle that's best for 2 - 3 people and a 12 oz bottle that's ideal for 1 - 2 people. However, despite its amazing packaging and taste, TOST is a beverage that's high in sugar content. A single 12 oz bottle contains 16 grams of sugar, most of which is down to the drink's cranberry and blue agave concentration.

11. Rasasvada

Rasasvada is a zero-proof spirit that features ingredients such as adaptogens, herbs, and tea. Mixology and eastern medicine serve as the foundations of this drink. When you see the nutrition label, you'll be impressed - Rasasvada contains no artificial ingredients, extracts, sugars, and preservatives. So, if you're looking for a healthy non-alcoholic drink, Rasasvada is an option for you to consider.

There are three flavors for you to choose from - Black Ginger, Rose Bergamont, and Ruby Artemesia. Black Ginger has a biting and earthy flavor, while Rose Bergamont has a bitter taste to it, similar to Italian classics. Ruby Artemesia has a citrusy, tangy, and floral taste to it. If you're after the complexity of taste, we recommend choosing the Black Ginger. Head on over to the official Rasasvada site to know about all the mocktails you can make with the three flavors.

12. SipClean

SipClean is a non-alcoholic wine that's created in the same way that traditional wine is. The only difference is that after the fermentation process, the makers remove the alcohol through technology use. That's what makes SipClean's taste so wine-like - it's sweet but not very sweet, and all in all, it has a cheery and balanced taste to it.

The drink is available in 12 oz cans, and each can contains 5 grams of sugar and 30 calories. So, in terms of calorie and sugar content, a can is equivalent to 2 wine glasses. You can also opt for SipCozy, which tastes similar to SipClean, but is infused with CBD.

13. Kin Euphorics Dream Light

Adaptogens and nootropics are at the heart of Kin Euphorics Dream Light, and both types of substances are known for altering body chemistry and cognitive function. There's a High Rhode variant as well, but if you want a better experience, we suggest opting for Dream Light. The elixir is best experienced when mixed with hot or cold oat milk or almond milk.

There's no added sugar as well, and there are hints of cinnamon, ginger, clove, and chili in its taste. While Kin Euphorics claims that both the Dream Light and the High Rhode are relaxants that will help you to fall asleep better, you shouldn't be counting on these beverages for better sleep. These non-alcoholic beverages will only make you feel a little relaxed, which is good for some nighttime reading, writing, and unwinding. 

14. Aplos

Aplos isn't just another non-alcoholic beverage. It contains a hemp extract, which is known for its calming effects. This is in stark contrast to most regular non-alcoholic beverages, which rely on spices and herbs for mimicking the complex tastes of regular alcoholic spirits. Aplos has a citrusy taste, and there are notes of ginger and rosemary.

While you can definitely have the Aplos without adding anything, we recommend trying it on the rocks. If you're still drinking alcohol, why not try making a cocktail with this drink? It also works if you mix it with tonic or sparkling water.

The reasons for the surge in popularity of non-alcoholic drinks

Now that we've taken you through the five most popular types of drinks non alcoholic, it's time to understand why these beverages have suddenly experienced an explosion in terms of their popularity.

  • More affordable than their alcoholic counterparts: While the differences in pricing between alcoholic beverages and their non-alcoholic versions aren't staggering, non-alcoholic beverages are still the cheaper options. For instance, CleanCo's gin alternative costs $15 less than a 700-ml Hendrick's gin bottle. Sure, the price difference for one bottle may not be too much. However, in the long run, non-alcoholic drinks will save not just your health but some of your money as well.
  • Lower alcohol consumption among young people: The young ones absorbed a lot of movements when they were growing up - movements that were in favor of organic and plant-based food and just healthy living in general. These young consumers have turned to non-alcoholic beverages for getting the kick of different varieties of alcohol without actually consuming the harmful substance i.e., alcohol.
  • Some non-alcoholic drinks do contain a small percentage of alcohol: For those in the process of lowering their alcohol intake, there are options in the non-alcoholic beverages market that aren't strictly speaking, non-alcoholic. Some types of non-alcoholic drinks contain up to 0.5% alcohol.


So, now that you know what the best non-alcoholic drinks are for 2022, we hope that you try all of them, or at least a few of them. While all the beverages we included in this list may not impress you, you're bound to find something to your taste. So, sit back, relax, and have a sober 2022 with these non-alcoholic beverages. Cheers!