How to Make Non Alcoholic Margarita!


Time for a cocktail!

What can compete against the classic Margarita? This delicious cocktail is a classic flavor combo, and is made with everyone’s favorite, tequila. But, what if you love margaritas but don’t drink anymore? Or what if you are serving a crowd and want a fun, non-alcoholic option? This is where a non-alcoholic margarita comes into play. Punctuated by the classic salt rim, this drink is refreshing and tangy. Now, before we help you learn how to make non alcoholic margarita, let’s understand what exactly a non-alcoholic margarita is.

So, what exactly is a non-alcoholic margarita?

In simple terms, a non-alcoholic Margarita is a margarita cocktail without any alcohol in it. Also known as the mock margarita, this is a non-alcoholic beverage that allows you to enjoy the classic flavor of margarita.

Batch it up, and bring a pitcher to celebrations, parties, and potlucks. Serve it with pineapple salsa and tortilla chips for added fun. 

How to make non-alcoholic margarita

Here’s what to add to your shopping list

  1. Tequila Alternative - The main ingredient is an excellent Tequila Alternative from brands like Free Spirits, Ritual, or Clean Co. The blend of sweetness from agave, plus subtle spices to give it heat make it the perfect spirit. 
  2. Lime Juice - Can't make one without lime juice. With the flavor of the freshly squeezed lime, every sip of this mocktail will become brighter.
  3. Orange Liqueur Alternative. Classically, a margarita contains Cointreau, or Triple Sec, an orange liqueur. DHOS Orange is a perfect non-alcoholic version to use.
  • Alternatively to Lime and Orange liqueur, you can use a margarita mix in place of those ingredients! Making the cocktail with a delicious mix like Tres Agaves or Splash, brings the ingredients down to 2, and so much easier! 
  • Sweetener like Agave nectar - With all the zesty citrus flavors and the tart, you need a bit of sweetness to balance the flavor. For this, you can use some agave syrup or nectar. Simple syrup or honey will do the job as well, without making the drink overly sweet.
  • Flaky salt - For the much-needed salted rim.

Take out your cocktail shaker and get started!

  1. Start by salting the rim. Take the margarita glass and run a lime wedge around its rim. Next, dip it in salt.
  2. Add Tequila Alternative and Orange Liqueur Alternative and lime juice in the ratio of 2-1-1 to a shaker with ice. Two parts Tequila to One part Orange Liqueur and Lime juice. Shake to combine and chill!
  3. Pour into the glass, and garnish! For a little fizz, top it off with some Club Soda. 
  4. Enjoy! Cheers!
  • If using Margarita Mix, use 2 parts tequila alternative to 1 part mix! Shake and serve!

Add in your own flavor

Don’t be afraid to play with the flavors. Margaritas are easily customizable, and you can use all sorts of flavors and fruits. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Strawberry - A non-alcoholic strawberry margarita with ice can be the perfect drink for a beach holiday. Try it frozen: Blend a cup of frozen or fresh strawberries with Tequila Alternative, Orange Liqueur Alternative and Lime juice. Pour it in the glass and enjoy!
  • Watermelon - For this flavor, you will need one and a half cups of seedless watermelon. Blend this with the main ingredients. Pour the drink over ice and top with tonic or sparkling water. To give it a little extra zest, you can add some tajin on the rim or the top.
  • Mango - No summer vacation can be complete without mango. To make a fresh, non-alcoholic mango margarita, you will need to add a few ounces of mango juice to the mix! 
  • Frozen margarita - Nothing refreshes you more than a frozen margarita mocktail on a hot summer day. For this, you can blend the ingredients with 1-2 cups of ice. You can add more if you like your drinks to be more slushy. 

Some added twist

If you want your non-alcoholic margarita to taste over the top delicious, you have to try a spicy ingredient! Try jalapeño for a true kick! Muddle a SMALL slice of jalapeno in your cocktail shaker before making the cocktail!

Kicking up the spice level can be great, but you have to be careful while using it, or else it will overpower other flavors in your drink. 

Why do you need non-alcoholic margarita for your next big celebration?

It can be made quickly

Try mixing up a big batch ahead of your party, even the day before! This way, when it's time to serve, all you have to do is give it one stir and pour over ice. 

You can make a big batch

This recipe can be doubled or tripled in size to serve a big crowd. Stir the batch in a pitcher or beverage server.

Everyone can drink it

Unlike the classic margarita cocktail, this non-alcoholic margarita can be served to everyone, including kids and people who are pregnant.  

In Conclusion...

However you chose to make yours, get shaking, and share your recipes with us!