Join My Dry January Journey!

by Colleen Hamilton

I really enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages.

Wine. Beer. Mixed drinks. All good things that have been an essential part of my celebrations, gatherings with friends and family, athletic events and even just an evening meal for many years.

I’ll also share that I’ve felt there were some added rewards with my indulgence. I’m an introvert by nature, and a little socially awkward, depending on the situation. A glass or two of Merlot just makes me feel more comfortable, at ease, even funnier and braver. A better version of me, if you will.

So, given all that, I sure wasn’t seeking to fix something that I didn’t think was broken. Until recently.

I was shopping for non-alcoholic wine for a friend who was unable to drink alcohol in combination with her cancer medications. I hadn’t seen many local options, so I went online and discovered Better Rhodes.

Now I don’t normally linger on sites when I’m ordering gifts for others, particularly when the products don’t interest me. Get in and get out. But there was just something about the dialogue on the Better Rhodes website that made me hang out a little longer. It was more insightful, even spiritual, rather than judgmental. In particular, a comment from Founder Chris Becker really resonated with me:

“Alcohol is many things but one thing it isn't is a way to focus and be present. Putting alcohol in a different place in our lives can be empowering.” 

Then I came upon some information about Dry January on their site, and decided to research it further. In general, I learned that professionals suggest a break from alcohol could offer the following, all of which would sure be good for me personally:

  • Improved health (for women in particular)
  • Better sleep habits and waking more refreshed
  • Possible weight loss
  • Cost savings

Adding to all this, I met up with a longtime friend and learned that she was drinking much less after a health scare. She’s an attractive woman anyway, but I couldn’t help but notice that she just looked happier, healthier, slimmer and more content that day. Much of which she attributed to less alcohol. Here’s what she shared with me. 

“It does change the way you look at alcohol and it really does make you feel better, both physically and mentally. Partly because you have accomplished a goal but also because once you purge the body of the alcohol, you will find that your mind is clearer and you have more energy. I know I feel 100 percent better since I have cut way back. I don't miss it and just don't have that brain fog, not to mention losing weight and that dreaded belly fat.”  

Seeing is believing. I have decided to commit to Dry January next month. And I’m grateful to have discovered Better Rhodes for resources and alternatives.

I’ll be sharing more about my journey here in January. Would you be interested in joining me and sharing your own experiences through Better Rhodes social media? As with most challenges, it’s helpful and comforting not to go it alone!