Meet The Maker: Keith Villa - CERIA Brewing Company

Close-up of Keith Villa and two cans of Ceria Brewing Products: Indiewave and Grainwave against an orange background

Keith Villa is the founder of CERIA Brewing Company and is seriously passionate about beer. He first started his career at Coors and went on to develop one of the most popular craft beers in the world, Blue Moon. Keith has a PHD in brewing from the University of Brussels in Belgium and travelled all over the world to judge beer competitions. Simply put, Keith knows beer.

As Keith learned more about the brewing industry, he retired early and created CERIA Brewing with his wife. He found that there was an opportunity to educate individuals about non-alcoholic beers and they can incorporate the social aspect of drinking into a tasty beverage. As the trend towards healthy living continues, he sees the importance in non-alcoholic beers that people love to drink!

Daniel really enjoyed interviewing Keith and learning more about the CERIA brand!

Check out the video below and see the entire CERIA Brewing (non alcoholic beer) collection, if you would like to enjoy one of their fine beers for yourself.