Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Rose Wine Alternatives


Do you want to try a beverage that opens up a world of refined tastes ranging from sweet floral to earthy dry, but without the alcohol content? If yes, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we recommend some of the best non-alcoholic beverages.

Rather than sticking to the non-alcoholic reds, today we'll "vinify" a list of non-alcoholic red wine alternatives that are delicious, elegant, and inexpensive. Whether you're hosting a classy college dorm party or are having guests over for a business meeting, you'll find that these non-alcoholic red wine alternatives make the perfect stand-alone drinks or accompaniment.

The 10 best non-alcoholic rose wine alternatives you should try

Here are our top picks for the best non-alcoholic red wine alternatives on the market.

1)   Surely Sparking Rosé

Made using grapes grown in the heart of California, Surely Sparking Rosé offers refreshing notes of peach, passion fruit, and strawberry. An aftertaste of melon makes the drink feel smooth and removes the residual sweetness of the fruits. Slightly fizzy and acidic, it makes a great beverage for an intimate gathering, especially during spring and summer.

2)   Princess Rosato Dry

A gorgeous Italian non-alcoholic red wine alternative, Princess Rosato Dry is effervescent, with a sharp berry flavor. The gorgeous light red color of the wine makes it a delight to pour into a glass. The berry flavor isn't too tarty. There are hints of sweetness too. This makes it perfect as an accompaniment with bread and other foods.

3)   Noughty Sparkling Rosé

The Noughty range of non-alcoholic red wine alternatives is renowned across the country for its delicious taste and affordability. Noughty Sparkling Rosé has a mere 5.9g of sugar per 100ml of wine and only 18 calories, making it one of the lowest sugar content wines on the market today. This wine has a slightly dry, crisp body and a flavor profile that is strong on apples. A light touch of sweet fruit trails at the end of each sip, making it a great option for anyone who's trying non-alcoholic red wine alternatives.

4)   Hill Street Vin (Zero) Shiraz

One of the few non-alcoholic beverages on the market with a Middle Eastern heritage, Hill Street Vin (Zero) Shiraz is a child of Persia/Iran and Belgium. This meeting of east and west brings with it an exotic combination of raspberries, peach, and red berries. Although the beverage has no alcohol, it retains the full-bodied texture and complexity of flavors that Shiraz is known for. It is best served chilled and can be enjoyed by itself or with food. Since its heritage hails from a land known for its spices, it's great for meals heavy on heat and spice too.

5)   Grüvi Bubbly Rosé

The Grüvi line of non-alcoholic red wine alternatives has grown with new products introduced to the mix. Grüvi Bubbly Rosé is one of the brand new beverages on the company's list. This bubbly and delicious drink is both fruity and tart, sweet and sour, bubbly with a light touch of apple sharpness. Suffice it to say, this seemingly innocent-looking drink hides a lot of secrets. Your palate is in for a treat if you choose this one for your next event.

6)   Vinada Tinteling Tempranillo Rosé

This Spanish gem made using Tempranillo grapes harvested in the La Mancha region has been delighting consumers for a while now. Vinada Tinteling Tempranillo Rosé is a non-alcoholic sparkling rose that's perfect for high-end parties, business meetings, and even gifting. It's light and refreshing on the palate, with notes of strawberry, redcurrant, and raspberry. It's also an award-winning wine loved by many, and we're sure you'll love it too.

7)   Hand on Heart Rosé

Cross our heart, Hand on Heart Rosé is one of the best non-alcoholic red wine alternatives for first-time drinkers. This crisp and refreshing beverage boasts fruity and floral flavors with a smooth finish. Drinking this Rosé is almost like entering a garden replete with rose, apricot, daffodil, maraschino cherry, pineapple, and citrus plants. Unlike some other wines on our list that are on the sweeter side, this non-alcoholic wine is slightly acidic and tarty. It's the perfect choice for spring and summer and ideal for all kinds of events–formal or fun.

8)   ISH Sparkling Rosé

Light-bodied and light-colored ISH Sparkling Rosé is made of a delicious combination of Merlot and Pinot Noir grapes. This blend gives the non-alcoholic wine a unique flavor that brings to mind plum, raspberry, and strawberry. This is another wine that straddles the boundary between sweet and tart. We think those who enjoy classic rosé flavors will really like the simplicity of this blend.

9)   Jukes 8

This non-alcoholic red wine alternative is slightly different from the others on our list. Based on perfumed and flavored apple cider vinegar, it's an effervescent combination of rhubarb, pomegranate, pear, and apple, tempered with a combination of herbs and spices. If there was ever an exotic rosé that experimenters love to try, it's this one. Jukes aims for this wine to be a modern rendition of Provençal wines, with the flavorful palate of the Mediterranean coastline.

10) Fre Rosé

Fre Rosé is a masterpiece created by cutting-edge dealcoholizing technology. A specialized spinning cone column is used to remove all traces of alcohol, while retaining the subtle flavors of the wine. There is a lively combination of citrus and berry, making it a great breakfast and midday beverage. Its crispness can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys non-alcoholic rosé.

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