We Tried Better Without For The First Time And This Was Our Experience

Millions of people worldwide have changed or are curious about changing their drinking habits. The main reason behind such a move is that an alcohol-free lifestyle offers many health benefits. This has given space to non-alcoholic drinks whose popularity is growing daily. Having said that, finding different types of non-alcoholic beverages and where to buy them is a challenge. Seeing this, Jonny Stevens founded and developed Better Without app which makes discovering non-alcoholic drinks easy.

    What is Better Without?

    Better Without is an app dedicated to people who are choosing to reduce their intake of alcohol by trying low-alcoholic drinks. It is also for people who choose not to drink alcohol at all. The app helps in discovering a variety of non-alcoholic drinks and assists in finding restaurants and stores that sell them.

    How to get Better Without App?

    You can access the app both on Android and Apple devices. 


    • On the page linked above, there are two options - Get it on Google Play and Download the app from the Apple App Store.
    • Based on your smartphone device, select the appropriate option.
    • Install the Better Without app. 


    Navigating Better Without: Our experience using the app

    The first thing that we found amazing about the app is, it is available both on the Google Play and Apple App Store, and it is very easy to download from both stores. 

    When opening the app, we noticed orange and blue squared boxes. Each box represents beverage types like non-alcoholic beers, wines, gin, and so on. Having such an option is a good idea because without wasting any time you will directly get introduced to the different types of non-alcoholic beverages.

    Suppose, you don’t want recommendations regarding a few beverages like beer or wine, there is an option for that also on the app. In the “set my profile” option, there are tiny glass emojis with red and green marks. Using those marks, you can set which beverages you want to get notified about.

    On the homepage, at the bottom, there are several options, and among them are the “Drinks” and “Places” options. The “Drinks” option provides different non-alcoholic drinking choices and also tells in detail about the drink. The “Places” option enables you to check the store or restaurants that stock non-alcoholic drinks. Such options make it easy to discover the drinks that suit our liking.

    Better Without and non-alcoholic drinks: Our thoughts on the options

    It is surprising to see that the app which has been in the market for a few years only, offers a wide range of brands of non-alcoholic beverages. There is almost everything for every type of drinker. The app includes beer, cider, red wine, white wine, rose wine, dessert wine, sparkling wine, spirits, mocktails, sodas, and mixers.

    What’s even more amazing is that when you select a type of drink like wine, you will be provided with in-depth information. You see brands listed with images of the product and each brand is linked to a profile. The profile includes information such as the number of calories, ABV%, ingredients, food pairing, and other information.

    Links to purchase on the platform

    Along with detailed product details, the app also tells you where to purchase the products. It will either give you the nearby restaurants or store details for purchasing or through a non-alcoholic marketplace like Better Rhodes which offers a wide range of non-alcoholic products. 

    The user interface and other things to keep in mind

    It has a user-friendly interface with well-organized features. The icons and the text are of decent size, thus, making it easy to grasp information on the app. The screen uses the space effectively. This means the icons are clutter-free. In addition to this, the app includes high-resolution pictures of the drinks and has filters to filter drinks by style and taste.

    Some final thoughts  

    Better Without app is one of the best apps for discovering a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Not only do you get information about a host of drinks, but you can also locate where to buy these drinks. It even gives brands an opportunity to promote their story and their non-alcoholic products. Overall, it is an app for both consumers and producers.

    To use or not to use? USE!

    If you love non-alcoholic drinks, this app should be on your smartphone. Its user-friendly interface, variety of beverage brands, the capability to locate non-alcoholic stores, and attention to detail make Better Without a must-have app for non-alcoholic drinkers.