Why People Are Choosing Non-Alcoholic Drinks More Than Ever

The popularity of non-alcoholic drinks has been rising in recent years, particularly since the pandemic. One of the major reasons for its rise is that people are now more health-conscious than ever before. They have discovered that consuming non-alcoholic drinks can lead to a healthier lifestyle. This is not the only reason, there are many other reasons for its popularity.

    What is a non-alcoholic drink: Why consider it?

    In the US, a non-alcoholic drink is a drink with no alcohol or a drink that contains less than 0.5% alcohol volume. Examples of non-alcoholic beverages which contain less than 0.5% alcohol volume are low-alcohol beer and apple cider.

    There are many reasons for considering non-alcoholic drinks. Here are a few of them:

    It is healthy

    You are aware of the fact that consuming alcohol leads to several health issues, like affecting mental well-being, causing damage to vital organs like the liver, and so on. On the other hand, consuming non-alcoholic beverages reduce the risk of heart disease, keeps you sane, and provides a wide range of other health benefits.

    It can be consumed anywhere

    Let’s say you are going to a kid’s party. Generally, at such parties, alcohol is not consumed because it can intoxicate you. However, non-alcoholic beer is an exception. It doesn’t intoxicate you and at the same time, it gives the same feeling as having a beer.

    It doesn’t make you gain weight

    When you consume alcohol regularly, you gain weight. This is because alcohol is rich in calories. On the other hand, drinking non-alcoholic beverages doesn’t lead to an increase in weight because it contains fewer calories.

    It boosts your mood

    When consuming a non-alcoholic drink, the brain produces dopamine which is a chemical responsible for improving mood. This is because the flavor and smell are closely related to the alcohol version which helps in boosting the mood.

    The differences between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

    • Non-alcoholic drinks are drinks without no alcohol whereas alcoholic drinks are drinks that contain ethyl alcohol or ethanol.
    • In the US, a drink that has less alcohol percentage is also termed a non-alcoholic drink. Having said that, the percentage of alcohol in non-alcoholic drinks is less than 0.5%. On the other hand, alcoholic drinks contain an alcohol percentage above 1%. For example, in the US, a standard beer contains roughly about 5% of alcohol.
    • Alcoholic beverages contain lots of calories whereas non-alcoholic drinks have fewer calories.

    What are the health benefits of consuming non-alcoholic drinks?

    Here are a few health benefits of consuming non-alcoholic drinks.

    • Non-alcoholic beverages are easy on the stomach. Alcoholic beverages contain a high volume of gluten which can make the tummy uneasy especially for people who have sensitive stomachs. On the other hand, non-alcoholic beverages contain no or reduced gluten which is good for the tummy.
    • Unlike alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks don’t damage your vital organs like the liver and the kidney.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages like wine contain antioxidants that can protect the heart from heart diseases.

    Other important issues that non-alcoholic drinks can solve

    • At parties and weddings, alcoholic beverages are served typically. This leaves out no options for non-drinkers, other than soda and juices. Non-alcoholic beverages come in different varieties including beers, wines, spirits, and mocktails. Serving these drinks at parties and weddings satisfies the thirst of non-drinkers.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages help in cutting down on alcohol consumption. When a non-alcoholic drink is substituted with an alcoholic drink, it decreases the dependence on alcoholic drinks. Continuing this practice leads to a significant decrease in the intake of alcohol.

    Meal planning and options based on non-alcoholic drinks

    Drinks and food go hand in hand. When it comes to pairing food with non-alcoholic drinks, consider the following tips.

    • One of the ideal ways to pair food with non-alcoholic drinks is by preparing a meal with any ingredient that matches one of the ingredients of the non-alcoholic drink. For example, if you are preparing a meal that has some fruit in it, pick a non-alcoholic mocktail of that particular fruit.
    • A simpler or lighter drink pairs well with a heavy meal. This way you can balance your food and drink. If both are filling, then it may cause stomach uneasiness.
    • A sweet drink pairs well with a spicy meal. When you have a spicy meal, consider drinking a sweet non-alcoholic beverage. This will tone down the spiciness.

    What are the advantages of having non-alcoholic drinks at social events?

    • At social events like weddings, having non-alcoholic drinks can prevent guests from creating havoc. When alcohol is served at a wedding, there are chances that the drunk guests can create trouble, but with non-alcoholic drinks, such situations don't arise.
    • After a party or a reception, guests can drive back safely to their homes when non-alcoholic drinks are served. On the other hand, when alcohol is served, there are chances that guests can meet with an accident under the influence of alcohol.

    Other benefits of non-alcoholic spirits

    • Non-alcoholic spirits taste better than alcoholic drinks.
    • They won’t deteriorate your memory, unlike alcohol.
    • They are available at restaurants and stores, and you can order them online.
    • Non-alcoholic spirits have the ability to make your skin glow.

    Great non-alcoholic spirit recommendations

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    Final thoughts

    Non-alcoholic drinks have become popular lately because of their many benefits. For some, these drinks help in cutting down on dependence on alcohol. For the majority, they help in leading a healthier life. In the times ahead, the consumption of non-alcoholic drinks will only increase, and maybe it could totally replace alcoholic beverages.