YOURS Drink of the Month (September 2021)- Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Slange Var Alcohol-Free

Better Rhodes is on a mission to source the absolute best non-alcoholic drinks from every corner of the globe. Which is why we are so excited to offer one of the hottest NA beverages out of Scotland, Slange Var.
A Scottish toast that literally translates to “Cheers, to your good health,” Slange Var is about more than just great flavors. It’s about leaving your body feeling great too, with real ingredients such as fresh lime juice, ginger, and Scottish honey.
After a four-year journey crafting the perfect non-alcoholic spirit, Slange Var founders Sarah Dougan and Charles Beard have nailed the flavor profile of this drink. Slightly sweet with a subtle punch from the ginger, Slange Var is a NA spirit you can savor slow over ice all on its own, or mix with one of your other favorite alcohol-free spirits, such as a nice non-alcoholic bourbon or rum.
However you enjoy Slange Var, you can enjoy freely knowing that you’re drinking a spirit made with your health in mind. Get the full rundown on this great new NA spirit in the September “Better Rhodes Drink of the Month” installment on  YOURS Non-Alcoholic Drinks.