YOURS Drink of the Month (August 2021)- Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Sip Yours Alcohol Free

One of the hottest non-alcoholic wine brands in Europe, Better Rhodes is thrilled to bring Vinada Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine to the States.


Vinada Alcohol-Free Sparkling Gold Wine is an award-winning white wine that pours a lovely shade of gold, and features bright, fruity notes on the nose. And the Vinada Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé, is made from a unique blend of Spanish-grown Tempranillo grapes, pops with notes of berry and vanilla, and has a crisp, dry finish.


From its beautifully designed mini bottles, vegan-friendly blends, and waist-friendly nutritional label (each mini bottle of Vinada is just 50 calories), Vinada Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wines are an exciting, modern take on alcohol-free wine for the modern drinker.


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Better Rhodes Alcohol Free Wine