YOURS x Better Rhodes 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays have always been a tricky time for those looking to limit or avoid alcohol. Work functions, parties with friends, and family celebrations tend to all come with a heavy-handed pour, leaving many of us of stuck sipping a sad soda and lime night after night. But that’s all starting to change thanks to the incredible rise in non-alcoholic drinks.
Whether you’re hosting, attending, or looking for a thoughtful gift for that sober-curious individual in your life, there is no shortage of delicious non-alcoholic beers, wines, spirits, and ready-to-drink cocktails to choose from these days.
Looking for some inspiration? To help you find the perfect non-alcoholic drinks to fuel your holiday season, we’ve partnered with our friends at YOURS Non-Alcoholic Drinks to put together our YOURS x Better Rhodes 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:

 Non-Alcoholic Hosting Pack

Better Rhodes Holiday Hosting Pack
$49.99 (including free shipping)

If you really want to impress your guests this holiday season, the Better Rhodes Holiday Hosting Pack is a must. With a bottle of Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparking Chardonnay, a 6-pack of Two Roots Straight Drank Non-Alcoholic IPA, and a 4-pack of Lyre’s Dark ‘n Spicy ready to drink cocktail, your guests choosing to skip the alcohol will have no shortage of options to enjoy. We even include a set of custom Better Rhodes coasters to protect that fancy new end table you learned to craft during quarantine!

Non-Alcoholic Drink Hosting Pack
Better Rhodes Non-Alcoholic Holiday Table Essentials Kit
$99.99 (including free shipping)

Whether naughty or nice this year, everyone deserves a little treat. And there’s no better way to treat your non-drinking guests than with the Better Rhodes Non-Alcoholic Holiday Table Essentials Kit.
Inside each kit you’ll find a delicious, bubbly bottle of Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol-Free Rosé, a 6-pack of Two Roots Enough Said Non-Alcoholic Lager, a bottle of Free Spirits’ The Spirit of Bourbon, a bottle of WithCo #sweaterweather non-alcoholic cocktail, a 4-pack of Lyre’s Classico, and a set of Better Rhodes coasters. This incredible collection of non-alcoholic beers, wines, spirits, and ready-to-drink cocktails will not only bring endless holiday joy to your guests this holiday season, but it’s also the perfect way to ensure you have supplies on hand as you roll right into Dry January.

Free Spirits Alcohol-Free Spirits

Free Spirits Trio

Looking to really wow the non-drinker in your life? Look no further than the Free Spirits Trio.
Three full-sized bottles of Free Spirits' premium non-alcoholic spirits - The Spirit of Gin, The Spirit of Tequila, and The Spirit of Bourbon - this gift set offers limitless possibility. Made with all natural and functional ingredients to awaken your taste buds, cocktails made using Free Spirits don't just taste good…they elevate and invigorate all night long!

Alcohol Free Celebration Box
Better Celebration Kit
$67.99 (
including free shipping)

Kickstart your holiday cheer with our Non-Alcoholic Better Celebration Kit.
Filled with a 750ml bottle of Noughty Rosé, a 750ml bottle of Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay, and two insulated, unbreakable wine glasses from Koziol, the Better Celebration Kit has everything you need to elevate any holiday gathering, from the awkward afternoon work party in the break room, to the black-tie New Year’s gala in the hotel suite. But be warned…with the delicious bubbly in every bottle of Noughty, it won’t be long before fellow guests are asking you to top them off with another guilt-free refill!

Better Rhodes Imbibe Better Box Alcohol Free
Imbibe Better Box - An Elevated Non-Alcoholic Experience
(including free shipping)

Looking for an alcohol-free celebration in a box? Look no further than our Imbibe Better Box Experience.
Bursting with an incredible variety of non-alcoholic drink options, we’ve packed something to satisfy every possible craving into this complete gift set. Each Imbibe Better Box comes with a hand-curated selection of our favorite alcohol-free drinks, which we constantly update to ensure you’re enjoying the latest and greatest we have to offer. While the surprise is half the fun, we can say that each box will include two of our favorite non-alcoholic wines, several non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails, a sampling of delicious non-alcoholic beer, plus other goodies to enjoy all holiday season long.

(Featuring H2OPs Water, Hella, Mingle Mocktails, GinFizz)

Ceria Brewing

CERIA Indiewave Smooth Citrus Brew

There are few craft brewers as well respected as Keith Villa, the founder of Blue Moon. Which is why the non-alcoholic beer movement was so excited when Villa announced that his latest endeavor – Ceria Brewing Company – would be alcohol-free.
One of two non-alcoholic brews currently offered by Ceria Brewing Company, Ceria Indiewave Smooth Citrus is poised to become your new favorite IPA. Made with Cascade, Citra, and Amarillo hops, and boasting light caramel malts and a smooth, subtle hint of citrus, Indiewave is a flavor-packed, approachable IPA that’s perfect for the holidays.

Pine Trail Alcohol Free Beer
Big Drop Brewing Pine Trail Pale

For the past five years, Big Drop Brewing has been crafting some of the world’s most awarded non-alcoholic beers. And as soon as you taste their Big Drop Pine Trail Pale, it’s easy to understand why.
This light, refreshing non-alcoholic pale ale boasts a floral aroma and subtle citrus bite that is balanced perfectly with just the right amount of bitter finish. A true easy drinker that everyone can enjoy this holiday season.

Gruvi Dry Secco Alcohol Free Wine
Grüvi Bubbly Sampler | 4-pack

Every celebration deserves a little bubbly!
Be sure you and your guests always have something “cheers-worthy” in your glass by stocking up on Grüvi Dry Secco and Grüvi Bubbly Rosé. Crafted using real wine grapes, these non-alcoholic sparkling wines are bright, flavorful, and finish with a semi-dry tartness that perfectly recreates that champagne and sparkline rosé experience. Oh, and with just 50 calories per serving for the Dry Secco (and 60 for the Bubbly Rosé), there’s no guilt in keeping that glass filled all night long.

Leitz Alcohol Removed Reisling
Leitz NV Eins Zwei Zero Riesling

Since Johannes Leitz first took over his family's German vineyard in 1985, he's worked tirelessly to make "Leitz" synonymous with incredible Riesling. 
Most wine critics would say he's succeeded. Which is why it was such a boost to the alcohol-free world when Leitz first launched their "Eins Zwei Zero" Non-Alcoholic Riesling all the way back in 2007. Sipping with notes of lime, citrus, and fresh apple, Eins Zwei Zero Non-Alcoholic Riesling is a world-class alcohol-free wine from a world-class vineyard, and the perfect complement to any holiday meal.

Luminara Red Blend
Luminara Non-Alcoholic Napa Red Blend 2018

Holiday gatherings are the perfect time of year to fill your glass with a rich red wine. 
One of the few non-alcoholic wines with the "Napa Valley" distinction, Luminara Red Blend Napa Valley Alcohol Removed Wine is one of the absolute best bottles of NA wine on the market. With flavors of bold black cherry and subtle spice and smoke, and a delicate aroma that pleasantly rises to your nose with each and every sip, Luminara Red Blend is a delicious treat for wine lovers everywhere.

For Bitter For Worse Sample Pack
For Bitter For Worse Gift Trio

One of the best parts about embracing non-alcoholic drinks is that it opens you up to a world of delicious exploration. 
Whether it's a present to yourself or to the sober-curious loved one in your life, the For Bitter For Worse Gift Trio is the perfect way to explore a whole new category of alcohol-free drinks. Three incredibly sophisticated ready-to-drink cocktails offering all natural, alcohol-free takes on whiskey, the Aperol Spritz, and the Negroni, the For Bitter For Worse Trio is a true delight, and the perfect way to dive headfirst into the exciting world of non-alcoholic beverages.

Lyre's Dark Cane Alcohol Free Drinks
Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit

No holiday party is complete without some delicious custom cocktails.
Just because you and your guests are limiting your alcohol consumption doesn’t mean you should be stuck sipping super sugary, juice-based mocktails. Thanks to the rise in alcohol free spirits such as Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit, you can craft sophisticated, layered adult alcohol-free cocktails such as a Classic Non-Alcoholic Eggnog and Non-Alcoholic Christmas Punch.