10 Brilliant Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

    Over the past few years, non-alcoholic beers have created a niche for themselves. Now that niche is expanding as more and more people wake up to the benefits of non-alcoholic beer. Non-alcoholic beer is now a global multi-billion dollar industry that is growing at an impressive rate.

    There are many reasons behind people switching to non-alcoholic beers. While some do it to try something new, others are trying to reduce or give up alcohol consumption. However, it turns out that non-alcoholic beers have tonnes of benefits as well, some of which are direct and some indirect.

    Here are 10 benefits of non-alcoholic beer:

    1. No hangover

    Let's start with the most obvious benefit that many of us are already aware of. Since there's no alcohol in non-alcoholic beers, you do not get any hangover, mild or severe. All non-alcoholic beers have less than 0.5% ABV. That's the same amount of alcohol you get from a glass of orange juice. If orange juice has never given you a hangover, neither would non-alcoholic beer.

    Alcohol boosts stomach acid production and slows down stomach discharge. Abdominal pain, motion sickness, or vomiting may be brought on by any of these conditions. Blood sugar levels can drop as a result of alcohol. If your blood glucose levels go too low, you could have seizures, mood swings, tiredness, dizziness, and exhaustion. All these factors combine to make hangovers such a bad thing to experience.

    While there are many tips and tricks to avoid hangovers, including medicines, nothing is more full-proof than not having alcohol in the first place. That's what non-alcoholic beers make possible. Now you can blend into any social situation or party without worrying about the terrible hangover that you'll get the next morning. Try the Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn to see what hangover-less beer binging feels like.

    2. Non-alcoholic beers are refreshing

    When was the last time a beer actually made you feel refreshed? Beers do not have anything that refreshes or rejuvenates your body. The only feeling of energy you get is from the alcohol and the resultant buzz. Beer feels refreshing when served chilled, but that extends to 99% of beverages that are served chilled.

    Non-alcoholic beers have ingredients and properties that make them truly refreshing beverages. Take the Busty Lush She's Golden Blonde non-alcoholic beer for example. It's made with 100% organic ingredients like malted barley and Citra hop, with no alcohol content. That makes the beer refreshing and rejuvenating in the true sense of the words.

    You can have a non-alcoholic beer whenever you want a burst of energy, much like energy drinks. But most energy drinks are loaded with caffeine, which is not good for your body and sleep cycle. Non-alcoholic beers do not have any caffeine content, which means you can have them at any time of the day.

    If you are tired of feeling tired, let non-alcoholic beers offer you a new way of feeling energized and refreshed without getting drunk.

    3. Helps in quitting alcohol

    Alcohol use and abuse are so normalized in our society, that we barely think about the myriad side effects of consuming the substance. Fortunately, we are now seeing an increase in the number of those who are choosing sobriety. For instance, data shows that Gen Z is drinking less than the previous generations.

    While many of us think about quitting alcohol, it's easier said than done. Alcohol addiction is a real addiction that affects the dopamine receptors of the brain. You can get hooked to it without even realizing it.

    There are many approaches to quitting alcohol. Some are extreme, like quitting alcohol cold turkey. Others are more gradual and systematic. Adopting non-alcoholic beer is yet another strategy that falls under the gradual process of quitting alcohol. By replacing alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks, you can slowly come out of your alcohol addiction.

    When choosing a drink to replace your feel beer alcohol, go for something that closely resembles the taste and aroma of alcohol. The Two Roots Enough Said Lager is a perfect example since it has a strong aroma, slight bitterness, and a great taste. With this beer, you can kick your addiction in no time.

    4. Blend into any social situation

    It's hard to deny that alcohol has become a social lubricant -- a tool for facilitating conversations and ideas. However, many people who can do all of that without alcohol are also forced to have it due to social pressure.

    Sometimes the reasons are personal and not social. You may not feel comfortable mixing with a crowd that's drinking unless you are also drinking. That makes many of us drink alcohol even when we don't want to since standing with a glass of coke is not always the best idea.

    Non-alcoholic beers allow you to smoothly enter any social situation without people asking about your glass of coke. Try the Bravus Brewing Blonde the next time you are at a party or social gathering. Its tones and aromas are indistinguishable from full alcohol beer and drinks. Unless you let someone know that it's non-alcoholic, there's no way for them to figure out through its appearance alone.

    People use non-alcoholic beer in different ways to fit in a crowd. If you do not have a drink in your hands, it's very difficult to feel like a part of the crowd. Non-alcoholic beer solves that problem for anyone who doesn't drink.

    5. Experiment with different flavors and aromas

    Non-alcoholic beer is much more versatile than alcoholic beer when it comes to flavors and aromas. There are many areas where brewers can incorporate creativity and add new tones. You can try the Big Drop Brewing Coba Maya and the Big Drop Brewing Pine Trail Pale to get a taste of how intricate non-alcoholic beers can be.

    If you drink beer for its taste and notes, non-alcoholic beers would not disappoint you. They pack tonnes of complex flavors in a small can that you can carry anywhere.

    6. Prevents indecent social behavior

    Not everyone can down alcohol the same way. Some react way too much in an intoxicated state, and that may not be a good thing. When you are in a social setting, you do not know if other people are going to be offended by someone's drunk behavior. With non-alcoholic beer, this isn't a concern anymore.

    There are many ways in which alcohol affects how we behave with other people. While it's good at times, it's not so good all the time. Especially in a corporate setting, it's important to hold your reins even when you are drunk.

    Alcoholic beers come with consequences, especially when you drink a little too much. The same is not true for non-alcoholic beers. You can have as many cans of Two Roots New West IPA as you want, and it won't debilitate your senses. It's a much safer option when you know people around you are going to get heavily drunk and lose all semblance of civility.

    If you are the person who takes care of your drunk friends, non-alcoholic beer is made for you. You can have all the fun you want minus the intoxication.

    7. Reclaim your happiness

    People who are dependent on alcohol to have a good time are having a bad time in reality. You should not have to be completely dependent on an external drug to make you happy. It's bad not only for your physical health but also for your mental health.

    If you continue with this lifestyle, you will lose the ability to socialize without alcohol after a point. That has happened with several people who have consumed alcohol all their life and now do not have any other way to be comfortable in social situations.

    When you switch to non-alcoholic beer, you can easily make a change in your behavior. While the beverage continues to act as a prop for social situations, you train your mind to not rely on alcohol to loosen. It takes some time to show results, but the underlying changes in your brain would be taking place nonetheless.

    We recommend the Grüvi Pale Ale for those who want the prop beverage but not the alcohol. This beer is a genuine interpretation of an English-style pale ale, which is distinguished by the bitterness that comes from a balance of barley and hops. By switching to this from alcoholic ale, you would be doing yourself a great favor in the long run.

    8. Stop wasting time

    Alcohol and productivity do not go well together. For some people, alcohol is one of the easiest ways to get distracted and lose focus. It's not a great thing for career-driven people, and many avoid it for the same reason.

    At the same time, we must be mindful of the fact that consuming alcohol is not where the process stops. The effects linger for hours and days. If you have had a weekend of heavy drinking, the side effects will carry forward to the next week.

    We spend a lot of time drinking and then basking in the intoxication of the drink. Since you are in an elevated state of mind, you do not realize how much time you have spent unless you are sober again. If you have ever wondered why you don't seem to have any time, notice how much time you may have spent drinking.

    Non-alcoholic beer works in the opposite way. It gives you a window to unwind and rejuvenates you to get back to work as soon as you are done. Try the Big Drop Brewing Paradiso IPA or the Big Drop Brewing Galactic Extra Dark to experience what we are talking about.

    9. Non-alcoholic beer has fewer calories

    There's a lot of truth behind the term beer belly. Beer is especially high in calories. Much of it comes from the sugar content of the beer, which does not add any nutritional value either. You get around 45 calories per 100 ml of alcoholic beer. In non-alcoholic beer, you'll have the same amount of calories for an entire bottle.

    Non-alcoholic beer is great for people who are trying to watch their weight. Even if you do not want to lose weight, getting calories from a sugary drink is never a good idea. Fitness freaks who also love to drink have long struggled with this dichotomy. Fortunately, now we have non-alcoholic beers that are very low on calories.

    Obesity is a common problem in the United States. Nearly 30% of US citizens are overweight, which is far more than most other countries. It's reaching a level of national health crisis, and packed foods and beverages are one of the main culprits. Non-alcoholic beer is among the few beverages that contain very few calories and is safe for everyone.

    10. Lead a healthier life

    Alcohol is bad for us, and we all know that. No gap in scientific research will allow anyone to argue otherwise. Alcohol consumption affects the heart, liver, and digestive health and can even lead to cancer. It's a major reason for type 2 diabetes.

    The same goes for mental health and alcohol. Alcoholism can lead to anxiety, depression, suicidal behavior, and a lot more. It's astounding how millions of people continue to drink too much despite knowing all the negative effects.

    Non-alcoholic beer does away with all the health complications associated with full alcohol beer. On the contrary, it offers many health benefits to drinkers. Some non-alcoholic beers come with added vitamins and minerals that make improve your health. Even if it doesn't come with those, it won't harm your physical or mental well-being in any way.