A Spirited List of Non-Alcoholic Whiskey, Vodka, and Rum Alternatives

Going sober used to involve a depressing glass of lime soda, but that's no longer the case. Everybody wants to be in the driver's seat now that a new generation of non-alcoholic drinks has appeared on the market. 

Talk about something like a glass of good scotch. These non-alcoholic drinks are classy, polished, and enjoyable. They're everything we love about booze, but without the alcohol. They're also sugar-free, sweetener-free, allergen-free, and additive-free.

The new alcohol-free options are a no-brainer because they contain no toxins and don't leave you with a nasty hangover. Did we mention that the greatest non-alcoholic beverages are also low in calories?

These non-alcoholic beverages will make detoxing, dieting, and being sober-curious sound rather appealing. They range from zero-proof spirits created as alternatives for whiskey, vodka, and rum to beverages that are unlike anything we've ever experienced.

Here are the best non-alcoholic beverages for a sober bar, whether you're a seasoned teetotaler or just looking for something new to add to your cocktail cabinet.

The top 10 non-alcoholic alternatives

Whether you want to sip on a glass of whiskey over ice, add vodka to your favorite cocktail, or build a complex rum-based concoction, here's a selection of the best non-alcoholic alternatives. You can choose how to enjoy each of these drinks, but we've mentioned some of our favorites.

1. Non-Alcoholic whiskey alternatives

Let's get started with the best non-alcoholic whiskey alternatives that can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail.

1.1 Kentucky 74

For bourbon cocktails, Spiritless Kentucky 74 is a finely crafted non-alcoholic spirit. Choose your strength: go halfsies by mixing one-to-one with your favorite bourbon to reduce alcohol content and calories, or go sober by omitting the alcohol entirely. In any case, Kentucky 74 provides a smooth, high-quality finish with aromas of vanilla, caramel, and charred oak.

1.2 Celtic Soul

Celtic Soul is a non-alcoholic combination of dark spirits that have been expertly distilled. This is certainly one of the best non-alcoholic alternatives for all you scotch and blended whiskey fans! 

Sweet vanilla, spices, and oak barrel woody notes are elicited by the silky mouthfeel, reminiscent of old spirits. Celtic Soul has a smooth yet complex flavor profile that makes for a unique and sophisticated drinking experience.

1.3 Ritual Whiskey

Ritual Whiskey Alternative's all-natural botanicals pair well with citrus, bitters, and vermouth in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. The notes of American oak, sugar floss, and vanilla are especially noticeable, with a touch of organic peppercorn and hemp providing a lovely inner warmth. 

Ritual Whiskey Alternative has the flavor and burn of fine whiskey without the alcohol or the morning hangover however you want to enjoy it (and we're all about choice)! It's a 1:1 ratio in all whiskey drinks, and so low in calories that you can count them on two hands.

1.4 Lyre's American Malt

This one-of-a-kind spirit has been meticulously created to capture the essence of a softly mellowed American Classic Bourbon Malt with unique and modern characteristics. Lyre's spirits aren't just imitations; they're excellent non-alcoholic beverages in their own right.

You can enjoy Lyre's American Malt straight up or over ice, but it tastes equally good in a whiskey cocktail.

1.5 Monday Whiskey

Monday Whiskey is a full-fledged beverage experience. The nose is rich with butterscotch, raisin, and burned brown sugar after maturing in fresh white oak. Roasted coffee, warm molasses, and rich caramel are delicately blended on the palate. The finish is lengthy and peppery with touches of orange in the center.

It's handcrafted in small batches with zero carbs, no sugar, and no calories. It pairs well with other ingredients and can be mixed 1:1 in classic whiskey cocktails.

2. Non-alcoholic vodka alternative

While several manufacturers have mastered the art of non-alcoholic beverages, not many offer a vodka substitute. The best non-alcoholic vodka alternative on the market is offered by Clean Co.

2.1 Clean V

Clean V is bright and crisp with a hint of cinnamon, with smooth undertones of green apple and cinnamon spice, finishing with a traditional warm alcohol-like experience. For a non-alcoholic spirit, it has a lot of depth. Clean V is vibrant and clean, with refreshing green apple, warming cinnamon, and a spicy-sweet aftertaste. It combines two basic vodka attributes: a fresh cut-through and a warming, spice-tinged experience similar to its full-strength version.

Clean V is fantastic in vodka-based cocktails, but can also be enjoyed on its own.

3. Non-alcoholic rum alternatives

As with whiskey, several companies offer a non-alcoholic rum alternative. Here are the best five.

3.1 Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit

This one-of-a-kind spirit has been painstakingly constructed to capture the spirit of an exquisite black rum with distinct and modern characteristics. It has a robust taste profile with flavors of caramel, fudge, figs, and roasted almonds, as well as a lingering maple and vanilla finish. Lyre's Dark Cane Spirit is elegant and seductive.

3.2 Lyre's White Cane Spirit

Lyre's White Cane Spirit has been elaborately prepared to embody the spirit of a softly matured white rum with distinct and modern characteristics. It has a rich taste profile, with oak and sugar cane providing the ideal backdrop for the orange, marzipan, and coconut flavors to flourish. A peppery aftertaste dries the mouth without being overpowering.

It works well mixed into a cocktail.

3.3 Ritual Rum Alternative

Ritual Rum Alternative encapsulates the velvety luxury of a black rum with organic botanical extracts of warming vanilla, toasty spice, citrus, and toffee. It keeps the party going while allowing you to preserve your sea legs with an alcohol-free daiquiri, Mai Tai, or punch. It's like a cruise, but without the alcohol.

3.4 Clean R Spiced Rum Alternative

Clean R infuses every drink with a hint of caramel and cayenne pepper. Its large, powerful flavor adds a kick to any gathering. Clean R is a wonderful drink with overtones of golden caramel, warming spice, and cayenne pepper that is every bit as fulfilling as rum. To make this refined non-alcoholic spirit, big-flavored Jamaican rum is combined with Clean Co's unique spice combination.