YOURS Drink of the Month (June 2021)- Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages


With its relative infancy, one thing we hear about a lot in the alcohol-free space is that there’s a “lack of options.” Bartenders have spent centuries refining a nearly infinite list of traditional cocktails using all sorts of ingredients and flavors, meaning there is something (or often, many things) to please any palate. But this same range just isn’t quite there in the non-alcoholic space.

But all that’s changing fast thanks to innovative brands like For Bitter For Worse.

With three incredibly sophisticated ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails - Smoky No. 56, Eva's Spritz, and The Saskatoon – this trio offers a glimpse into the future, and what the alcohol-free industry can, should, and will inevitably one day be: sexy, refined, and full of incredible options for all types of non-drinkers.
Best of all, For Bitter For Worse all contain no added flavors - “natural” or otherwise - and are low glycemic and low carb, sweetened only with pure monk fruit, wine grape nectar, and maple syrup. But, how do they taste?
In short…delicious!
But don’t just take our word for it. Read the in-depth review on For Bitter For Worse in the latest “Better Rhodes Drink of the Month” installment on  YOURS NON-Alcoholic Drinks.
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