On A Better Rhode To Going Green

We wanted to let you know that Better Rhodes is on the road towards a greener earth. Take a look at your boxes coming up to see for yourself! 

This transition was motivated by the necessity of reducing the amount of paper and plastic used in shipping orders. Since we love the planet as much as we love alcohol-free BEVs, we wanted to do our part to make Better Rhodes as sustainable as possible. 

We consider it an honor to have you as a Better Rhodes customer. By working together, we are committed to making a positive difference in the world. Therefore, once you receive your order, we ask you to recycle or re-use the new and improved packaging materials. GO GREEN!


Fun, free, and green ways to reuse your cardboard:

Use your empty box to store household items.

Use your box or give it to someone that is moving. 

Use your box to protect your floors when painting.

Use your box and compost them. Cardboard can easily be added to a compost pile and used for mulch and gardening.

Use them for shipping.