Clearheaded Co.

CLEARHEADED.CO launched on July 15th and it’s your guide to sober-care.


What is sober-care? We have self-care, we have skin-care and now we have sober-care. At CLEARHEADED, we believe sobriety is a muscle. It evolves and it changes—sometimes it needs a bit of stretching. We want you to have all the tools you need as your sobriety evolves.

Whether your journey is just starting and you’re sober-curious, or if you’re a few years into creating an alcohol-free life, taking care of your recovery is important to us. This new site features a sober toolkit with "in the clear" approved products from the founders, a Happier Hour tab with delicious alcohol-free cocktails to use with your favorite N/A Spirit from Better Rhodes, and a podcast filled with bite-sized episodes that drop in on each guest’s moment of clarity surrounding their sobriety.

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