Distilleries Don't Want You To Know This SECRET Fact About Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Let’s be honest. We’re all aware that alcohol is not good for our health (both physical and mental health). And while many people are now moving towards an alcohol-free lifestyle, the rest of us are still on the fence about alcohol abstinence.

If only there was a way to have the same experience, without the negative effects of alcohol.

Non-alcoholic drinks make that possible. And no, we’re not talking about mocktails, lemonade, soda, or plain old water. Distilleries around the world probably don’t want you to know this, but there are non-alcoholic drinks that offer the same taste and the same level of complexity as your regular vodkas, rums, or wines. Non-alcoholic drinks, such as those found on the Better Rhodes marketplace, provide an excellent way to enjoy your favorite cocktail flavors, without the negative effects of alcohol.

    Non-Alcoholic Spirits: What Is It?

    Spirits are alcoholic drinks made by the distillation of grains, fruits, or sugars. Also known as hard liquor, spirits are usually known to have higher alcohol content. Common types of spirits are vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, and rum,

    Non-alcoholic spirits, on the other hand, are distilled drinks that come with little to no alcoholic content. The process of making non-alcoholic spirits is very much similar to regular ones. The difference lies in the alcohol removal process. There are two ways this is done –

    1. By removing the alcohol at the end of the distillation.
    2. By preventing alcohol formation during distillation.

    These drinks offer the same delicious flavor as your regular spirits, but without the added calories and sugar. The alcohol by volume (ABV) in these drinks generally ranges from 0 to 0.5%, which causes no intoxication effects at all. In fact, this is the normal ABV found in many fruits like bananas. There’s no lack of variety among the non-alcoholic spirits either. Whether you are looking for whiskey, vodka rum, tequila, or gin, you’ll find all kinds of non-alcoholic alternatives of your favorite spirits.

    Non-Alcoholic Spirit Myths: Things That You Should Know!

    Despite the growing market of non-alcoholic spirits, there are many misconceptions about these drinks floating around the market. Here are some of the common non-alcoholic spirit myths, debunked –

    Myth #1: Non-alcoholic spirits have high sugar content

    If you’ve ever tried a non-alcoholic drink, you might ask yourself – “Where is all this flavor coming from?!” Contrary to popular belief, non-alcoholic drinks are not high in sugar. When compared to their alcoholic counterparts, these drinks are not only low in sugar and calories but offer a range of health benefits.

    Take this bittersweet Three Spirit Social Elixir for example. This botanical spirit contains only 25 calories and 4g of sugar. It is also enriched with the botanical extracts of green tea and tulsi, which make it good for your health too.

    Myth #2: Non-alcoholic spirits don’t taste even similar

    Many people who haven’t tried non-alcoholic spirits have the notion that it just wouldn’t taste the same. The non-alcoholic spirit manufacturers use new-age processes and techniques to provide the same taste as much as possible. Spirits without the alcohol will naturally taste different if you were to enjoy it straight. Non-alcoholic spirits need to be properly chilled and mixed in order to have the same drinking experience as alcohol. We like it remind people that it is a different product but the same drinking experience.

    Myth #3: Non-alcoholic drinks would be too expensive

    This myth comes from the fact that many non-alcoholic drinks are priced the same as their non-alcoholic counterparts. When the production and refining of non-alcoholic drinks are so complex, it would be wrong to expect them to cost the same as soft drinks. So, no, non-alcoholic spirits are not too expensive, if you look at the benefits they offer.

    How Are Non-Alcoholic Spirits Distilled?

    Non-alcoholic spirits are made using many of the same techniques used in true spirits. The fermentation process starts with the addition of yeast and sugar, which results in the formation of ethanol (alcohol). The resultant fermented solution has an alcohol by volume of 15-20%. The alcohol by volume percentage in the fermented drink is then decreased by a process known as distillation. In this, the alcohol component is separated from the water and then removed altogether.

    The fermented base solution is first transferred to a still and then heated at a low temperature. This vaporizes the alcohol since it has a lower boiling point than water. Seedlip was the first non-alcoholic drinks manufacturer to use this method They distilled each botanical with ethanol, followed by a re-distillation process to remove the remnant alcohol.

    Differences Between Alcoholic And Non-Alcoholic Distilling

    As we’ve already explained, the process of making any spirit starts with fermentation, which involves the addition of yeast and sugar to a fruit/grain/sugar mixture. The resultant mixture, which contains ethanol, has an alcohol by volume ranging from 15% to 20%. Now, this is where the preparation of non-alcoholic spirits differs from alcoholic spirits.

    For a drink to be considered a true spirit, it needs to have a 40% minimum alcohol by volume. To achieve this level, the ethanol in the mixture has to be concentrated. This is done with the help of distillation, in which the alcohol component is removed from the water, and then concentrated. For making non-alcoholic spirits, the same process of distillation is done to decrease or remove the alcohol content from the water altogether.

    Things You Should Know Before Choosing A Non-Alcoholic Spirit

    With the increasing popularity of non-alcoholic spirits in the market, the variety of these drinks has also increased. Whatever your spirit of choice, you’ll find an alcohol-free alternative for the same. Here are some of our recommendations for non-alcoholic spirits –

    • Non-alcoholic tequila: There’s nothing quite like a good tequila in the summer. Great for margaritas, you can also make a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails with the Free Spirits Spirit of Tequila. This tequila comes with a spicy nose and an agave-forward palate, so you can drink it straight too.
    • Non-alcoholic whiskey: If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic spirit with a kick, go with a good NA whiskey like the Ritual Whiskey Alternative. It’s perfect for sipping on the rocks or neat.
    • Non-alcoholic gin: Make classic non-alcoholic cocktails like Martini and Gin with the Free Spirits Spirit of Gin. This London dry gin hits you with notes of juniper, coriander, citrus, and cardamom.

    Concluding Thoughts

    With this, we’ve covered everything there is to know about non-alcoholic spirits. There are so many great options for rums, whiskeys, vodkas, and gins out there to help you on your healthy living journey. Head on to the Better Rhodes marketplace and explore some more non-alcoholic spirits.