Easy Ways To Make the Switch To Non-Alcoholic Drinks During Dry July

Everyone knows of "Dry January' -  the time for new resolutions. And many choose cutting down on alcohol consumption as one of their goals during the first month of the year.

But a new DRY month is picking up traction: Dry July! With the month coming off the first warmer summer weather, and an extra day off at the top of the month where many Americans tend to over-indulge, more and more people are finding July the perfect month to take break from, or reduce alcohol.

Are you planning a dry or "damp" July?  If yes, our Better Rhodes community is here to help you. In this article, we’ll explain how non-alcoholic drinks make it easier for you to switch to a sober lifestyle for a month.

Let’s get started.

    Why Dry July?

    Oftentimes, we get into self-perpetuated patterns and routines that get hard to break. If you’re going through something similar with your alcohol consumption habits, a month away from alcohol might be the answer you’ve been looking for all along.


    June is a month of celebrations - too many weddings with that open bar, Pride celebrations going late into the night, or beach picnics where that one friend always has a fully stocked cooler. We've fired up the grill, and cracked open the brews. Amidst all of these social events, the social pressure to drink can be strong. Perhaps taking this time to be open about taking a month away from alcohol works for you! Or if you don't want to make it public, you can still enjoy a sober month without anyone knowing, and just do it for you!

    Besides reducing one’s dependence on alcohol, there are many other reasons why an ABV break could be beneficial –

    • It could help you lose weight and improve your overall health
    • You’ll be able to experience improved sleep
    • The risk of blood pressure is reduced
    • You can also reduce the risk of liver disease

    Dry July can give you a glimpse of the health benefits you can enjoy if you cut down on alcohol for a prolonged period of time.

    What Are The Things Happening In Dry July?

    So, are you ready to take an ABV Break this July. You can see many positive health benefits by observing this month-long break. Check out your local scene to see if there are any Dry July events happening in your region. This will give you a chance to meet other sober/sober-curious people, and you’ll also be able to learn something from their experience.

    Or help raise funds for people affected by Cancer with the Dry July Foundation

    Plan your own Dry July event. Here are some useful tips for the same –

    • Make the event an experience: Since there will be no alcohol involved in the event, try to make it an engaging experience for the guests. Make sure that the food is unique and plan some fun activities for the party.
    • Prepare exciting drinks: Just because you’re hosting a Dry July event doesn’t mean that you can’t have any drinks at the party. You can keep a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Just browse through the vast selection of non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and beers on Better Rhodes, the non-alcoholic marketplace.
    • Use premium ingredients: If you’re going to host an event, make sure you do it right. Use only the best ingredients, whether it is in food, drinks, or desserts. By using premium ingredients, you will be able to create an elevated experience.

    Quick Refresher on NA Sips:

    Drinks that contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) are known as non-alcoholic drinks. Although the name might suggest that it has zero alcohol, the truth is that NA beverages do contain a minuscule amount of alcohol, which is generally harmless. Even a ripe banana contains around 0.5% of alcohol.

    Non-alcoholic drinks are made using the same fermentation process that is used in regular alcohol. The only difference is that the ABV is kept below 0.5% by removing excess alcohol or by stopping the fermentation process earlier. Also known as de-alcoholized drinks, they generally offer the same level of complexity and depth as regular alcohol.


    The other type of beverages that are closely associated with non-alcoholic drinks – alcohol-free beverages. If you’re looking for sips that contains0.0% (zero) alcohol by volume, then you can go for alcohol-free beverages. In these options, the fermentation process doesn’t take place at all, so there is no production of alcohol.

    Low/No Proof vs. High Proof:

    From the description of non-alcoholic drinks given above, you might already have some idea about what makes non-alcoholic beverages different from alcoholic ones.

    Alcoholic drinks usually contain ethanol, which is produced by the fermentation of fruits, grains, and other sugar sources. It is this ethanol that is responsible for the depressant effect that is commonly experienced after drinking. Alcoholic beverages are widely known for causing addiction, leading to a condition that is known as alcoholism. The two basic types of alcoholic drinks are fermented drinks (cider, wine, beer) and distilled drinks (brandy, rum, whisky, vodka, and gin).

    NA beverages are a version of alcoholic drinks with little to no alcohol that give you the same level of taste and complexity, without the harmful effects of alcohol. Non-alcoholic drinks come in many variations, like non-alcoholic beer, NA wine, and NA spirits. 

      Switching To Non-Alcoholic Drinks: The Benefits

      Whether you’re planning to switch to non-alcoholic drinks for the month or indefinitely, there are many benefits to be enjoyed. Here are some of the changes you’ll be able to observe –

      • Greater focus and productivity: Non-alcoholic beverages allow you to focus on the tasks at hand. You’ll also notice that there is lesser brain fog.
      • No hangovers: Since there are no intoxication effects associated with non-alcoholic beverages, you won’t have to deal with the side effects of a hangover, like anxiety, weakness, nausea, etc.
      • Better sleep: As you go through Dry July with non-alcoholic beverages, you’ll notice a definite improvement in your sleep quality.
      • Better mental and physical health: One of the biggest side effects of alcohol is that it takes a toll on our physical health too. This is because it interferes with brain chemistry and affects our thoughts and feelings too. By switching over to non-alcoholic drinks, you be more present with yourself and would be able to take better care of your physical health too.


      Other Things To Keep In Mind

      The information provided in the aforementioned sections will hopefully provide you with some insights on how best to plan your Dry July. Whether you chose to stay sober or incorporate some alcohol again at the end of it, Dry July is an excellent challenge to gain some perspective on your life. It also gives you a chance to re-evaluate how alcohol makes you feel. And if you’re looking for non-alcoholic sips to continue on your journey, Better Rhodes is here to offer you your beverage of choice.