Halfway to Healthier!

Better Rhodes Dry January

by Colleen Hamilton

I’m halfway through my Dry January Journey, and I’m excited—and relieved—to share that it hasn’t been as tough as I thought it would be 

Oh, I miss my daily dry red to be sure. But I think what’s really helped my transition is that I did my homework first. I at least had an idea of what to expect from reading about others’ experiences online, and learning why people choose not to drink to help my own motivation.

Personal preferences. Some don’t like the taste of alcohol or prefer non-alcoholic options more. Athletes, of course, recognize that alcohol can affect their motor skills, hydration and performance. Some individuals aren’t able to drink in combination with medications they may need. Many people don’t drink because it’s a healthier choice, given that consistent use can lead to serious issues such as liver failure, heart problems, risk of stroke.

All excellent reasons to be respected and honored, particularly the health concerns. 

It was also useful to learn about ways to approach the process, and changing up your normal patterns was pretty high on the list. In short…you need to create a new normal for yourself.

Good, practical options include exercise, of course. No down side there. Learn something through a class or new hobby. Reading. All positives, and all good distractions. So far exercise and reading new books have been the most consistent routines for me—both of which I was already doing, but not as regularly.

But what I found the most helpful was this simple advice: Drink something else!

Better Rhodes has been so helpful with this, even offering options I’ve never had in their alcohol version, but would like to, such as various spirits. I’ve already tried a couple of their dry whites and reds, particularly the Ariel and Fre brands, and plan to check out some of their non-alcoholic beer and alcohol-free cocktails as well. They also have a “January Reset Kit” that I’m excited about. But for me, I think my go-to is going to be the Fre Merlot. It tastes close enough to the real deal that I actually forgot it wasn’t, and found myself just enjoying the flavor and taste.

The big bonus…no guilt for having more than one glass, and no fuzzy head in the morning.

Last, but definitely not least—I feel really good about sticking to a commitment that is undoubtedly beneficial to my overall health and wellbeing, and the fact that I’m learning some better routines. I’m not sure yet what I will do the same or differently in February, but have already decided that I’m going to continue with Better Rhodes for my alcohol-free and non-alcoholic options. And probably blend them more often than not with the alcoholic version. 

Kudos and continued (or renewed) success to anyone on this journey alongside me!