Hangover Free Sundays: Setting Up Your Week for Ultimate Success


We call them the “Sunday Scaries.” It’s that creeping anxiety that seems to pop up midday Sunday, whispering in our ears about all the things we have yet to accomplish or all the things on our plates in the coming week.


When we’re nursing a hangover, those little “scaries” turn into big ones. Typically, in those cases, we haven’t run those errands, prepped those meals, or done those chores — and that can be stressful. Couple that with looming deadlines, meetings, and work responsibilities, and hiding in bed starts to sound really comforting.


Even sans hangover, Sundays are overwhelming — but they don’t have to be! Here’s how to take your Sundays to the next level and set yourself up for your best week yet.

Chill Saturdays

Keeping a hangover at bay is a surefire way to set yourself up for a calm Sunday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself!


When we’re intentional with our alcohol intake, we’re in control of our destiny. Think about all the things you’ll be able to accomplish the following day. Focus on the positives, your goals, and how happy you’ll be with yourself tomorrow for making thoughtful choices.


If you’re feeling that itch, the Better Rhodes team's favorite drinks are an incredible alternative to the real thing. Pack up your non-alcoholic wine or alcohol-free beer and get ready to have a great Saturday and Sunday.

Do Something You Love

You’ve made it to Sunday, and you’re feeling refreshed! Take advantage of that. We need to remember to honor our personal needs and listen to our bodies. Read a book, take a bath, walk the dogs, or have a pillow fight — whatever brings you joy, carve out time to do it.


Plan Something to Look Forward To

Does your week ever feel like it’s dragging because you’re looking forward to something happening the upcoming weekend? Try planning something you can look forward to that occurs during the week. Give yourself a night off from evening chores or a night to go out to dinner. Whatever it is, make it something that keeps you going.


Knock Out Errands

Running errands during the workweek adds stress to your schedule that we can happily avoid by blocking out some time on Sundays. Real life happens, though, so remember flexibility and grace are two essential practices to keep top of mind.


Set Up Your Week

Physical and digital calendars can help curb decision fatigue throughout the week. Time-blocking meetings and tasks for each day offers you the ability to wake up and get moving without too much forethought or planning.


Planning your meals and outfits for the week also helps you battle decision fatigue.


Evening Reflection

Give yourself a screen-free nighttime routine to dig in and think about how you’re feeling, what’s working, and what’s not working. Taking some time to reflect on how we’re doing at that moment is one of the best ways to get centered and prioritize. Take a look at the week previously and decide what things worked for you and what didn’t. And always find some time to be grateful!