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Three Spirits Social Elixir –

the Dependable Drink for Adults Who Like to Party

There is a new and growing group of people who thrive on social gatherings and the accompanying excitement, fun, and engaging companionship. They also make a conscious effort to stay off alcoholic drinks that often lead to unwanted negative effects. If this sounds like you and you're looking for a beverage that is non-alcoholic and yet one that will give you a buzz and excitement and help you enjoy a fast-packed party, Three Spirit Social Elixir is for you.

What are Three Spirits Beverages?

Three Spirits Beverages are a set of trio non-alcoholic, spirit-style, vegan, gluten and artificial-ingredient-free alternatives to alcohol, designed to be consumed as a traditional spirit. Enjoy it over ice or use to make delicious cocktails.

The Three Spirit collection comprises three functional beverages (or flavors). Three Spirit Livener, Three Spirit Social Elixir, and Three Spirit Nightcap, each containing different blends of natural ingredients. Each drink induces different vibes and feelings of euphoria, relaxation, or energy – depending on the blend.

Every one of the three spirit flavors was created with thoughtful consideration by a team consisting of scientists and bartenders.

What do Three Spirits taste like?

Three Spirit beverages are unlike any other NA spirits available in the market today. When enjoyed chilled on their own, they have a very savory taste with hints of ginger, figs, yeast, and licorice that leave you satisfied. There is an intense, bitter, and gin-like aftertaste that leaves you satisfied.

What is Three Spirit Social Elixir?

Social Elixir is also made from plant-based ingredients that positively affect mood and energy. While some of these ingredients that make this marvelous beverage are pretty standard, others are exotic and unique.

Three Spirits Social Elixir is a full-bodied, bittersweet NA spirit with rich and complex notes, a savory bite, and layered with complex but perfectly-balanced flavors. It’s the ultimate mood elevator and social companion, giving you a natural buzz without a hangover the following day.

Made with active plants, nootropics, and adaptogens, the Three Spirits Social Elixir is healthy. It is also a great thirst quencher on a warm summer day and makes for a fantastic cocktail with a simple mixer like ginger ale.

Three Spirit Social Elixir not only tastes divine - it even looks magical as it is poured out of the bottle. Shake the bottle as instructed before pouring, and the pinkish-brownish liquid foams up gently.

Social Elixir: How it makes you feel

That feeling of wanting to socialize and connect does not come easy and natural to everyone. That’s where the functional beauty of the Three Spirits Social Elixir comes in handy. Social Elixir makes you feel calm, steady, and composed – thanks to extracts of lion’s mane mushroom, tulsi, damiana, and passionflower – and ready to mingle. It’s the perfect NA solution for social gatherings, with friends, at a bar, or at home.

What are the ingredients that go into making Three Spirits Social Elixir?

Three Spirits Social Elixir is made up of extracts of lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate, caraway seed, tulsi, damiana leaf, cacao bean, and green tea.

Other ingredients include molasses, black carrot concentrate, coconut vinegar, a load of vitamins, antioxidants, ascorbic acid, and agave nectar.

How to store Three Spirit Social Elixir

Store the bottle in a cool, dry place. Since it is unfiltered for function and flavor, it is good to shake it before opening it. Keep away from direct sunlight and reseal after opening. Consume with 12 weeks once opened.

How do you enjoy Social Elixir?

A serving of Three Spirit is two ounces to a mocktail, cocktail, or over ice. Try it on the rocks – like you would any other spirit. It also works absolutely well with ginger ale and other simple mixers.

As a plant-based spirit, the Three Spirits Social Elixir works well with aloe vera juice. Mix 40ml Three Spirit Social Elixir, 50ml aloe vera juice, 25ml lime juice, and 10ml ginger-infused agave (or 10 ml agave syrup and a bit of ginger) in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a rocks glass loaded with ice cubes. Garnish with pineapple leaves.

Three Spirit Social Elixir Reviews

Review 1: I was never into cocktails with alcohol because they just never satisfied me. Three Spirit is everything and beyond my expectations.

Review 2: I love all three, Three Spirit drinks, although Social Elixir is my favorite. I highly recommend it for those who don’t drink alcohol.

Review 3: I love it because it closely replicates the feeling of drunkenness, minus the hangover.

Review 4: Intoxicating and fresh! I love the floaty feeling.

Review 5: I love that it’s kind on my liver. It’s the best NA spirit I have ever had. Exceptional taste, unique, mature, and delicious.

In conclusion,

Three Spirits Social Elixir is the perfect NA spirit, giving you the high you crave without a hangover the following day. It’s safe, but it’s also bursting with flavors that only a true spirit can give you. Whether you want to savor it on the rocks, in a mocktail, or in a cocktail, it’s the perfect social drink to keep your spirits high.