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Beer without a Buzz Podcast

My name is Logan. I'm a family man from the midwest, I work in the tech industry, and I’m a major craft beer lover. After a complicated relationship with alcohol over the years I decided to take a break. First it was for 30 days, which quickly turned into 365, which eventually has turned into a healthier, happier lifestyle. Discovering high quality craft non alcoholic beer has made it easy to drink less alcohol without losing everything I love about great craft beer (and craft beer culture).

I created Beer Without a Buzz to help advocate the normalization of non alcoholic beverages among the beer drinking community by sharing the stories of non alcoholic beer drinkers, brewers, and business owners as they work to provide a quality NA option everywhere craft beer is sold.

And I’m not alone. Our community - ranging from proudly recovering AA members, to participants in Sober October/Dry January, to beer snobs who enjoy both high and low ABV brews - share a common vision: that one day every brewery, bar, and liquor store will carry high quality NA beer options, so that anyone and everyone could go grab a beer together.



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