Meet The Maker: Angus Lugsdin - New London Light

Photo of Angus Lugsdin sitting in front of a dark door and a bottle of New London Light against an orange background

Angus Lugsdin is the founder of New London Light. This brand has a ton of tradition and history behind it through coastal towns. The main label of the gin is a gin pennant which is a symbol of hospitality. It means “join us for a gin and tonic on board”. The traditions of the towns carry through into the gins produced by New London Light. 

For Angus, when developing the brand, the idea was to create a story and make the moment of drinking special. He is passionate and driven by the aromas and flavours in the beverage and to him it's about creating that special story and experience without the alcohol. He doesn't want his customers to miss out on the experience through smell, taste and feelings! New London Light isn’t just a non-alcoholic drink, it's an experience.

Daniel really enjoyed interviewing Angus and learning more about the New London Light brand!

Check out the video below and explore New London Light non alcoholic liquor, if you would like to enjoy their fine beverage for yourself.