Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine Alternatives to Sparkle Your Life!

Sparkling wines have a significant amount of carbon dioxide, making them bubbly and fizzy. Celebrations are incomplete without bubblies, and that’s a fact. If you want to enjoy sparkling wine minus the alcohol, there are plenty to try. Whether you are a teetotaller or want to enjoy your drink without a hangover, here are our top recommendations for non-alcoholic sparkling wines.

Top non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternatives


Wander + Found Sparkling Wines

Wander & Found has captured two excellent sparkling wines. Both wines were curated in Germany and each has a distinct smell and taste. Let's take your taste buds on a journey! No need to wonder which wine to sip on next when you have Wander + Found.

Sparkling RoséThis premium Sparkling Rosé is cool and refreshing, with notes of bright red fruits, rose hips, and a surprising minerality. Any time is a good time to enjoy this versatile wine: as an aperitif, a spritz, or a celebratory glass.

Sparkling Cuvée BlancThis premium Sparkling Cuvée Blanc delights with notes of tangy citrus zest, tart gooseberry, and sweet starfruit. Its smooth flavors pair well with your favorite meals and relaxing moments. 


Pierre Zero Sparkling Rosé

Pierre Zero Sparkling Rosé has a salmon pink color with bright reflections. Made with 80% Chardonnay and 20% Merlot grapes, this wine has delicate but persistent bubbles. With a floral and fruity aroma of raspberries and currants, it is a soft and dewy drink on the palate. Served on its own or with desserts, Pierre Zero Sparkling Rosé is the ideal partner for a wide range of occasions. Although there is a taste of fruit on the palate, it exhibits an immaculate balance that brings with it a freshness you may not have experienced. The grapes are harvested at night, taking advantage of lower temperatures, which allows for more stable sugar levels. This allows the wine to maintain the freshness and wonderful body of premium French wine.

Lautus Sparkling Wines

Lautus Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Brut. Lautus sources Chardonnay grapes for our sparkling wine from Voor-Paardeberg, a small wine-growing area close to Paarl in the Western Cape region of South Africa. Aromas of white peach, citrus blossom and fresh apple. The bubbles are lively, ending with an elegant finish. A sparkling wine fit for any occasion, try this Champagne style wine with your favorite salty, fried & fishy foods!Enjoy all the flavors of Champagne without the alcohol!

Lautus Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose. Lautus sources Pinotage grapes for their Rosé wine from Voor-Paardeberg, a small wine-growing area close to Paarl in the Western Cape region of South Africa. Pure aromas of red berry fruit with floral notes. The palate shows a touch of sweetness, but with well-balanced acidity. One sip of this bubbly rosé and you’ll double check the label to make sure it’s actually NA, it’s that good! A non-alcoholic sparkling rosé made from South African Pinotage grapes. This refreshing rosé wine alternative was made for never-ending summer afternoons.



TOST Rosé is an alcohol-free sparkling wine made with white tea, elderberry, and ginger. It has a dry, delicate palate with hints of citrus and a fruity aroma. There is a dry light finish with subtle effervescence using all-natural ingredients and extracts. A slight hint of sweetness gives the perfect balance and taste. It is light, fun, and perfect for making everyone a part of the celebration.


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Better Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine Collection

What some people miss the most about choosing to cut out alcohol is the sense of celebration. Corks still deserve to be popped and glasses still deserve to be clinked! This is the perfect way to sample six different non-alcoholic bottles of bubbly for any and all occasions!