Noughty Rouge Featured in the New York Times

A true round of applause to Thomson and Scott for having their Noughty Rouge featured in the New York Times. Within a week of its release, the non-alcoholic Rouge became a best selling product on the Better Rhodes website. We want to thank Florence Fabricant for featuring Better Rhodes for the second time in the New York Times! It truly is such an honor.

"Noughty, the rather good nonalcoholic sparkling wines , made by Thomson & Scott of London, have been joined by the company’s new still red nonalcoholic pour (at less than .5 percent alcohol). Produced in South Africa from syrah grapes and a far cry from Hermitage, it’s still an acceptable quaff alongside burgers or kebabs off the grill. It will be excellent for sangria; serve it chilled. Though lacking much nose, it does deliver a grapy palate that is not sweet, has body and, what makes it distinctive, delivers a welcome touch of tannin." -Florence Fabricant

Noughty Rouge Dealcoholized Wine, $24.99, Better Rhodes,

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Non-alcoholic Rouge