Put a Unique and Flavorful Spin on Your Christmas Spirits This Year

by Colleen Hamilton

It’s your turn to host Christmas and the whole family is coming. It may even have been a while since you’ve all been together under the same roof for safety and health reasons. But things are gradually transitioning back to normal, and you want to just rock this holiday gathering! 

Your lovely holiday-themed table will offer all the traditional, mouthwatering menu favorites, guaranteed to make everyone loosen a button or two afterward. And you have stocked up on alcoholic beverages that have worked well in the past. But it may be that some of your guests have stopped consuming alcohol since you were last together. Naturally, you want to have great, tasty options for them to sip and savor as well. 

Trust us to do the heavy lifting in this area.

At Better Rhodes, our All Together motto is about respecting the varied individual reasons to choose less or no alcohol as a lifestyle, or even just for a day. You may be the designated driver. Have health concerns. Preparing for an athletic event. Making different choices. Or simply someone who prefers not to drink alcohol. Regardless of the reasoning or occasion, we can help you provide exceptional, well-crafted, alcohol-free spirits to enjoy with dinner, settling into the recliner in front of the big game afterward, or gathering around the kitchen table for comforting conversation.

Check out our sparkling wine alternatives, such as Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay or Surely Sparkling White. Explore a variety of excellent craft beers through this collection of our favorites. Choose one of our exceptional red or white alternatives

Then consider ordering extra while you’re visiting. New Year’s Eve and Dry January are right around the corner! 

And trust that we’re not just here for your celebrations and holidays. We want to help you live your best life, every single day! The Better Rhodes team and All Together community are honored and excited to move into a promising New Year right alongside you and those you care about. 

Photos by Nicole Michalou