The Best Non-Alcoholic Beers to Cheer You Up in 2022

Just a few years ago, there weren't many non-alcoholic beers available in the market. However, that's not the case anymore. Big names in the beer industry like Guinness, Peroni, Heineken, and Budweiser are all offering non-alcoholic beers these days. Also, there is an increasing number of craft breweries jumping on the non-alcoholic bandwagon.

Non-alcoholic beers have come a long way in the last decade. Many people are making the switch due to the health benefits offered by non-alcoholic beers. They are also a lot less fattening, since each unit of alcohol contains only about 56 calories. If you are watching your weight, non-alcoholic beers are a better option.

Here are our top 10 non-alcoholic beer recommendations.

10 Best non-alcoholic beers you'll love

1. Brewdog

Scotland's Brewdog has massively increased its footprint in the US in the last few years. The company made a foray into non-alcoholic beers with its flagship brew "Nanny State." It now has a vastly expanded lineup, including non-alcoholic pale ales, stouts, IPAs, and sour ales. Like many others, Brewdog's non-alcoholic beers are not completely alcohol-free. They contain small amounts of alcohol, about 0.5% ABV.

Nanny State is the non-alcoholic beer that Brewdog has been producing the longest. It is distinct and original compared with some of Brewdog's other non-alcoholic beers, such as Ghost Walker, Punk, and Hazy, which focus a lot on hop flavors. Nanny State attempts to balance malt with bitterness, making it unusual among non-alcoholic craft beers. It can be described as fresh and floral, with an aroma that will strongly remind you of hop pellets.

Brewdog's Punk AF has only 37 calories per can, with a fresh aroma of orange essential oil and grapefruit. However, it is softer on the palate than Nanny State.

Brewdog describes Hazy AF as the "juiciest alcohol-free beer" in town. It has a citrusy, floral taste with an exotic profile of tropical fruit. It feels crisp on the palate, with conventional notes of pine needles and florals.

Brewdog's Ghostwalker has the aromatics of tropical fruit, such as passion fruit and papaya. It is more aromatically intense than Hazy AF. It is slightly sweet, with a toasty maltiness that gives Ghostwalker a hint of balance.

2. Athletic Brewing Co.

Athletic is a big name in the non-alcoholic beer space. It focuses exclusively on brewing non-alcoholic beer.

Athletic Lite is a non-alcoholic lager brewed with organic barley, wheat, rice, and some noble hops. With only 25 calories per 12 oz. serving, it has a refreshing, crisp, and subtle flavor, and is particularly popular among people watching their weight.

Run Wild is a fine balance of malt and bitterness with a hint of citrusy hops. The taste is refreshing and clean.

Upside Dawn Golden Ale is a brewed with Vienna malt and traditional American and English hops. It is light and refreshing. With Upside Dawn, you get an instant summer vibe with a smooth finish and hops impressions, with notes of crisp grain. On the palate, you get a malty taste with a citrus and sweet combination. There is also a subtle spiciness reminding you of barley spice.

All Out has a roasty, light, malty aroma. It is less sweet than other variants, with hints of nuttiness and smokiness.

Cerveza Atletica is an interesting choice for a non-alcoholic beer. It has a black tea-like maltiness with subtle honey, bread crust, and caramel notes. On the palate, it is malty-sweet with a faint bread and honey taste, with slight hints of green tea.

3. Bravus

Bravus Brewing has rolled out several varieties of non-alcoholic beer that are vegan, low calorie, and gluten-reduced.

Bravus Blonde Ale is a straw color with a sweet odor. You can also feel a bit of graininess, with hints of malt, citrus, and some banana.

Amber Ale is somewhat hazy, with a grainier smell and hints of stout roast grain.

Bravus IPA is made with Cascade, Simcoe, Columbus, and Centennial hops and has a clear golden pale ale body. It can be pretty dry and the most beer-like in style.

Bravus Oatmeal Stout has a pretty burgundy-brown color with creamy tan-color foam. The aroma is rich and sweet with a strong fruit, nut, and caramel foundation. The flavor starts on a sweet note and transitions to a slightly roasty taste with a low bitterness. The finish is sweet and creamy, but still light.

Bravus Raspberry Gose gives you a nice raspberry aroma. It pours a cloudy yellow with deeper color in the glass and a fizzy soda head. However, the raspberry smell remains enjoyable in the glass. The fruity taste is great, with a little tang of non-alcoholic beer. You can also taste a bit of salt and coriander, giving it a sports drink-like flavor.

4. Two Roots

Two Roots Enough Said is a German-style beer that is pale in color with low bitterness. The beer can feature some cool graphics. Each serving has around 80 calories. When opened, Enough Said gives you a brief aroma of lemon and florals and reminds you of zest instead of lemon juice. On the palate, you get sweet and lemon flavors, which dissipates to give way to some spicy bitterness. It is a clean, simple beer that is true to its German style.

Straight Drank from Two Roots is another award-winning non-alcoholic beer you must try in 2022. It's a West Coast IPA, which is all about hops. The taste can be described as between citrus and resinous pine. It is earthy and plant-like. Pouring from the can, you get a thick, amber liquid with a creamy, off-white head. The aroma reminds you of tropical mango and passion fruit, with orange citrus and definitely resinous pine. You also get a whiff of spicy black pepper. The aroma offers a malty sweetness, but the fruitiness reigns supreme. The mouthful is thick, creamy, and fantastic with a short, bitter finish.

5. Grüvi

Gruvi is a Denver-based company that produces non-alcoholic products closely resembling beer flavor. You can get Gruvi IPA, Stout, and Weissbier.

Gruvi IPA gives off an earthy smell that reminds you of the hops used to make it. Although it gives off sweetness on the tongue, the ruddy hops stay around, giving your finish a good amount of bitterness. The taste is fruity and citrusy with a bit of dankness.

Gruvi Stout comes across as a real stout with rich notes of coffee, caramel, and vanilla. It is one of the most popular brews among people who love beer because it is difficult to differentiate between this beer and certain stouts that contain alcohol. When you pour it, you also get a nice head. Taste-wise, you get hints of chocolate, burnt caramel, and a slightly smoky flavor.

Gruvi Pale Ale is also good, but tastes more bitter than the IPA. You also get more carbonization than the IPA. Your palate gets a malty finish with more bitterness at the back of your tongue.

6. Busty Lush

Busty Lush came about because Founder Laurel Harrop wanted to create a line of non-alcoholic beverages that celebrated women. It is 100% women-owned and is an excellent alternative to traditional beers.

She's Golden from Busty Lush is a blonde ale with a white head. The aroma reminds you of familiar hops, barley, and yeast. The aromas may not stand out on their own, but they create an amazing balance that you are sure to enjoy. If you have been a beer-drinker, this will taste just like beer. It is the perfect choice to get beer flavor back in your life without the sting of alcohol.

Busty Lush's She's Passionate is jam-packed with flavors of island fruit with a sour character. With this drink, you get a bright tart finish. Close your eyes and it's just like a mini-vacation in your mouth.

7. Sober Carpenter

Sober Carpenter offers a wide range of non-alcoholic beers. From the classic Blonde Ale to Irish Red, Belgian White, and West Coast IPA, there's something for all non-alcoholic beer lovers.

If you love hops, you will surely love the IPA. It imparts a fresh and distinct finish with notes of citrus and tropical fruit, and a sustained bitterness.

If you prefer a medium-bodied ale with rich flavors, you are sure to enjoy Irish Red. It is brewed with roasted and caramelized malts, and on the nose, you get distinct hints of coffee and caramel. Do you enjoy a drink with your cheese platter? Irish Red will be just perfect.

Belgian White and Golden Ale are perfect for hot summer evenings or any evening. These beers are refreshing and easy to drink. The Golden Ale has hints of malt and a light hop finish. It is perfectly balanced, crisp, and delicious. On the nose, the Belgian White gives off balanced aromas of wheat, coriander, and orange. With a rich and hazy body, the taste is sure to delight you.

8. Wellbeing

If you have switched to non-alcoholic beers for health reasons, you must try Wellbeing Victory Wheat. It is the first non-alcoholic craft beer with natural electrolytes to keep you hydrated and vitalized. Victory Wheat from Wellbeing Brewing is American golden wheat brewed with hints of orange. The added electrolytes comply with WHO standards of hydration. With hydrating electrolytes, B vitamins, and antioxidants, it is the perfect drink for hot days and recovering after workouts.

Wellbeing's Hellraiser Dark Amber is the drink of choice when you are out partying with friends. With the perfect balance of floral aroma and spice, it is sure to delight the palates of craft beer lovers everywhere.

Going Places IPA is dedicated to travelers who want to discover new places and experiences. Brewed with a blend of three West Coast hops, it is an incredibly refreshing drink. The bitterness of the beer is balanced by aromatic notes of mango, pineapple, and citrus.

9. Partake

Partake is a Canadian brand widely available in the United States. Traditionally, non-alcoholic beers are made using de-alcoholization where standard beer has the alcohol removed with a thermal process. However, Partake uses another method called arrested fermentation, which involves allowing the wort to begin fermenting as normal, but with smaller amounts of fermentable sugars. The fermentation process is stopped by subjecting the wort to cold temperatures. As a result, you get low alcohol levels and a surprisingly low calories.

Partake Red pours an amber red, with a malty aroma and toasty, lightly yeasty notes. It may feel a little dry, but the flavors come across beautifully.

Partake IPA balances citrusy hops with a malty flavor. With just ten calories per serving, it is a great choice if you are health conscious.

Partake Blonde has just 15 calories and balances floral, earthy hops with toasted bread and pomegranate hints.

Hazy IPA is smooth and juicy with hints of mango, apricot, and berries.

Partake Peach Gose balances spicy and sweet notes with notes of sea salt, coriander, and natural peach.

10. Hairless Dog

Minnesota-based Hairless Dog was one of the first companies to make flavorful non-alcoholic craft beer at 0.0% alcohol by volume. Many companies first brew their non-alcoholic beers with alcohol and then remove it through distillation, but Hairless Dog uses a brewing process that uses no alcohol. That's why its non-alcoholic beers are 0.0% alcohol.

Hairless Dog Black Ale was the brew that started it all. It is dark and rich, with just the right amount of bitterness. In addition to Black Ale, Hairless Dog Brewing offers an IPA, Coffee Stout, and Citra Lager.

Non-alcoholic beer has not garnered a great reputation over the years. However, Hairless Dog is set to change that. Through science and refinement, it has created something that is bound to please even the pickiest beer snobs.

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