The Sober Office Party: Non-Alcoholic Drinks Ideas

Who said a party without alcohol is no party at all? Alcohol is not always the answer to hosting a great party; non-alcoholic drinks exist too! Truly inclusive parties will have options for everyone trying to avoid alcohol. 

If you are planning to host a sober office party, fret not, we have the best non-alcoholic drinks for you. The best host will be the one who will create the best alcoholic beverages without the alcohol. Surprised? Read on!  

    The best non-alcoholic drink ideas for a sober office party

    1. Non-alcoholic beer sangria

    Ingredients needed: 

    For garnishing:

    A cinnamon stick


    This one will be a super hit for everyone who enjoys beer. To prepare a non-alcoholic beer sangria, you will need fresh fruit slices. You may select oranges, apples, cranberries, and pomegranate seeds for your fruits. Slice the oranges and apples in your desired shapes and keep them aside. Then, add the desired amount of ice cubes to the glass. 

    After you have done that, put all your sliced fruit into the glass. Next, take 2 oz of Apple Cider and pour it into a low ball glass or a stemless wineglass. To add that extra spice and flavor to your non-alcoholic cocktail, place a whole cinnamon stick as well. Next, open a can of WellBeing Victory Wheat Beer + Electrolytes, pour it into your container, and serve. 

    The freshness of the fruits and the zing of the cinnamon stick will combine beautifully with the non-alcoholic beer and the apple cider, giving you the perfect non-alcoholic drink.

    2. Non-alcoholic Rum Old Fashioned

    Ingredients needed: 

    • 1 tsp of Demerara syrup
    • 2 dashes of Aromatic and Orange bitters each
    • 2 oz of Ritual Rum Alternative

    For garnishing:

    An orange twist


    Old fashioned is a cocktail blend that dates back to the 19th century. Although the original Old Fashioned was made with whiskey, experiments with the cocktail have revealed rum, gin, and vodka taste great as well. 

    To make Rum Old Fashioned, place a large ice cube in a rock glass. To that, add all the bitters, including Orange and Aromatic. Next, add the Demerara syrup and the allspice dram. Finally, open your chilled bottle of the Ritual Rum Alternative and pour it into the rocks glass. 

    Stir the mixture well so that the ingredients start making friends in your glass. Serve it chilled and garnished with the orange twist.

    3. Non-alcoholic Bloody Mary Beer Chelada

    Ingredients needed:

    For garnishing:

    Pickles, olives, roasted pepper, or other savory garnishes delicately skewered on a stick


    To add a twist to your bloody mary beer chelada, first, rub your lime wedge along the rim of a high ball glass. Then, gently overturn the glass into a plate filled with the spicy crushed candy and rub it into the rim of the glass. 

    After the spicy crushed candy has generously covered the rim, upturn the glass and pour the ice into it. Next, open the bottle of the Splash Bloody Mary and fill two-thirds of your glass with it. Finally, top the non-alcoholic bloody mary with Athletic Brewing All Our Extra Dark beer in one-third of the glass. 

    The sweetness of the crushed candy will blend with the sourness of the lime, and both will pair perfectly with the tangy taste of the bloody mary. To make a meal out of your non-alcoholic cocktail, add the skewer of savory vegetables into the glass, and it will be the perfect drink for your office party.

    4. The Better Old Fashioned with non-alcoholic whiskey

    Ingredients needed:

    • A dash of cherry syrup
    • A dash of Aromatic and Orange bitters
    • 3 oz of Seir Hill Mashville
    • 2 oz of Lyres Orange Sec
    • Crushed ice for the stirring glass and 1 large cube of ice

    For garnishing:


    2 orange rinds


    1 muddler

    1 stirring glass


    Take a stirring glass and add a dash of cherry syrup to it. Then, add one orange rind and the Orange and Aromatic bitters to the glass. Stir the mixture. Next, pour the 3 oz Seir Hill Mashville and 2 oz Lyres Orange Sec into the same glass and stir everything together. 

    Next, add the remaining orange rind and the large ice cube to another glass. Strain the already prepared mocktail into this new glass. In the end, add the cherry as your garnish, and your mocktail will be ready for the party!

    5. Alcohol-free Mimosa

    Ingredients needed:

    • 4 oz of chilled Sparkling Wine of choice
    • 4 oz of orange juice

    For garnishing:

    Edible flowers, berries of your choice, or mint


    The non-alcoholic mimosa is one of the simplest yet most delicious mocktails you can make. For this, you simply need to pour the chilled wine into a champagne flute or a martini glass and then add the orange juice to it. To make it more refreshing, you can top it with berries of your choice, edible flowers, or mint. 

    If you do not like the flavor of orange juice, we recommend trying a tropical mix of passion fruit juice. You may also try the grapefruit juice or Blood Orange.


    Which non-alcoholic drink will be the highlight of your party?

    Be it the traditional Old Fashioned or the Bloody Mary Beer Chelada; if you are planning an office party, you are probably spoilt for choice regarding the drinks you want to select. The drinks listed here are not only super easy to make but taste delicious as well. Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t actually need alcohol to throw the best party. 

    If you are the creative sort and love to experiment, do not hesitate to mix and match your favorite mocktails from Better Rhodes. If you want to find more non-alcoholic drink options to ponder over, try different combinations and find out if they actually taste nice together!