Trend: Millennials Are Going Alcohol-Free

Did you know that millennials and Gen Zers around the world are increasingly adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle? This shift in the alcohol-consumption is a part of a growing trend around the globe where young people are choosing to focus on wellness and health. Research shows that many people from the younger generations are drinking considerably less, as compared to the previous generations. It has been found that many millennials (21 years and older) are drinking less than once a week or not at all.

For many years, alcohol occupied the role of a social lubricant. In fact, this is how many people are first initiated into the world of alcohol. However, the landscape is slowly changing as more and more people, especially those between 22 and 38 years of age, are re-evaluating their relationship with alcohol. While some are choosing to limit their alcohol intake, many millennials and Gen Zers are planning to go completely alcohol-free. They are part of what is known as the ‘sober curious’ movement.

The sober curious movement is gaining popularity because greater number of younger people are questioning the unhealthy effects of alcohol. This has also led to the popularity of non-alcoholic drinks, such as those that can be found on Better Rhodes.

If you’re interested in learning more about this growing trend, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the major reasons why millennials are going alcohol-free. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Drinking Alcohol and Social Pressure

It is a well-known fact that there is a direct correlation between excessive alcohol consumption and social pressure. For many millennials, alcohol-centric socializing became a part of their lives and remained there for a very long time. This was because the social activities of the majority of the young, college-educated, and urban youth often revolved around drinking alcohol.

Over the years, however, millennials have become conscious of the social pressures of drinking, and have started a conversation around the subject. In fact, it is believed that alcohol is slowly losing its former place in society as a greater number of millennials are adopting alcohol-free lifestyles.

Alcohol as an Economic Drain

While the primary reason for adopting a sober-curious lifestyle is a greater focus on health and wellbeing, there is another major reason why many millennials are going alcohol-free. This concerns wealth accumulation among millennials. It has been found that millennials are lagging behind significantly as compared to the previous generations when it comes to the accumulation of wealth. So naturally, most of them consider alcohol consumption to be a drain on their economic resources.

Many millennials are recognizing how much they can save by limiting their alcohol consumption and shifting to non-alcoholic beverages. Many millennials are planning to go alcohol-free despite the social pressures of drinking that exist even today.

Other Reasons for Going Alcohol-Free

Here are some of the other reasons why many millennials are preferring to go alcohol-free:

1. To feel more connected to people

Most people want to feel relational closeness with others, whether the ‘other’ is a friend they’re going out with or someone they’re meeting for the first time. Being sober allows one to connect with other people on a deeper level, which is why many millennials are going alcohol-free.

2. To stand true to their values

Millennials are known to be highly individualistic. This means that the most important thing for them is how they view themselves. This is also the reason why many millennials believe in standing true to their values, rather than trying to fit into the world. Even though many millennials grew up in a world where alcohol consumption was considered ‘cool’, many are starting to go against the grain to explore what suits their life best.

3. Choosing sustainable problem-solving methods

Many of us grew up learning that we can use substances to take the edge off when confronted with any problem(s) in life. Thus, for many people, drinking alcohol turned into a coping mechanism. However, an increasing number of millennials are realizing that practicing sober living allows them to choose sustainable problem-solving methods.

4. To get in touch with their mind and body

Many millennials have experienced that practicing a sober lifestyle has allowed them to connect with their mind and body in a more healthy way. When they have weaned off the extreme effects of drinking alcohol, they realized that nourishing themselves with superfoods or even a piece of chocolate can uplift one’s mood significantly.

5. To experience greater productivity

Staying productive while working is important for every individual, however, regular use of alcohol can affect one’s productivity negatively. Alcohol is known to fog people’s creative ability, preventing people from working in an effective way. This is also an important reason for many millennials for wanting to go alcohol-free.

6. For stepping into a healthier lifestyle

Long-term consumption of alcohol can affect one’s health negatively in a number of ways. For most millennials, it is very important to show up powerfully in their professional and personal lives. This is why they prioritize their well-being and health, and embracing sobriety is an important step in that direction.

7. To keep their mood state elevated

A common misconception about alcohol is that it acts as a stimulant. In fact, alcohol is a well-known depressant. When the effects of alcohol fade off, it can have a sedative effect on people, which leads to a depressive mood state. Many millennials choose to go alcohol-free as they believe that being conscious helps them in a living happier life.

8. To be more socially adept

According to some studies, alcohol can impair people’s ability to assess and respond effectively to social cues. Millennials who want to build their network prefer to go alcohol-free as it gives them better control in social situations.

Wrapping Up

It is evident that the landscape around alcohol consumption is changing, with many individuals hopping on to the alcohol-free trend. If you too are looking to join the sober curious movement, then Better Rhodes is the platform for you. You can choose between a variety of non-alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages at the Better Rhodes marketplace. From non-alcoholic beers to red and white wine alternatives, whatever your choice you’ll find them here.