Is it OK to have a non-alcoholic wedding?

Few people can imagine non-alcoholic weddings because serving alcohol during such events has become the norm. There are champagne toasts dedicated to the happy couple, wine during dinner, reception drinks, and Dutch courage for those giving speeches.

While this was the happy situation in the world, the global pandemic struck and changed everything. Celebrations now are more about celebrating yourself as people worldwide slowly become more conscious about their health. A study conducted in the UK found that 56% of millennials have turned into 'mindful drinkers'.

So, with the world changing, weddings are also turning booze-free. More couples are opting for non-alcoholic or dry weddings where they serve a carefully curated list of non-alcoholic drinks. Here, we will discuss at length about non-alcoholic weddings and why more people are opting for them. Let's dive into it.

    Why do people have dry weddings?

    Couples prefer having non-alcoholic weddings for various reasons. However, the most potent reasons are that your religion does not allow it or either or both of you do not drink. Some couples might have loved ones who are abstainers or battling alcohol addiction, and they wish to hold an inclusive wedding without alcohol.

    Many couples want to avoid alcohol because it heightens emotions that already run high at weddings. Alcohol has been popularly known to place a serious dampener on wedding festivities, from vomiting guests to drunken brawls.

    Another reason is that the bride might be pregnant. Moreover, with alcohol in the picture, it will not be safe for guests to drive back home or to their hotels. Plus, no alcohol means no hangovers, and your guests will wake up the following day with a fresh mind.

    Is it okay to have a non-alcoholic wedding?

    Yes! Your loved ones will invariably want to be there no matter what. At the end of the day, since it is YOUR wedding, YOU decide if you wish to serve alcohol to celebrate the day or not. However, since drinking is such a significant part of American culture, it will be best if you let your guests know about your decision.

    Although it might be a little hurtful, some guests might not want to come at all. However, it is better to have guests who are 100% willing to be there versus the unwilling and disappointed ones. You should not have to change how you want your day to go and cave in because of a few guests who might demand alcohol.

    Moreover, you can also promote mindful drinking at your wedding. This way, your guests will become more aware of their choice of drinking alcohol and instead will look for non-alcoholic options available in the market.

    How to make a dry wedding fun?

    People are mostly bummed out whenever they hear that a couple is hosting a dry wedding. One of the event managers' most challenging jobs in dry weddings is encouraging people to dance. They can also expect the reception time to be shorter; many guests may leave after the cake is cut. 

    So, one of the ways to entertain guests if you are hosting a dry wedding is to hire a great band with experience playing at non-alcoholic weddings. Plus, if the non-alcoholic beverages you are serving exactly resemble their alcoholic alternatives sans the alcohol, your party is good to go. So what if your wedding does not have alcohol? 

    Couples are recently offering non-alcoholic drink bars and sometimes even a milkshake bar! You can also host joint games, synchronous dances, sketches and stagings, and mandatory wedding games. Having a donut wall and a photo booth are other excellent ideas.  

    Another great idea is hosting a dance under dimmed lights and fireworks reserved for later. You can also add a karaoke to make it more exciting.

    Hiring a great bartender who can mix and match non-alcoholic drinks can be a great addition to the party. Such unique ideas are great for entertaining guests at your wedding and ensuring they have plenty of fun.

    Best non-alcoholic drink alternatives for your wedding

    Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay

    An authentic 100% chardonnay, this non-alcoholic drink is made from green-skinned grape variants. The ingredients are authentically sourced from the La Mancha valleys of Southern Spain. Not only is this drink completely vegan and halal, but it is also completely organic. 

    The sweetness of this wine is not overbearing because it has only 2.9g of sugar every 100 ml of the drink, and it has a light apple taste. It is pale golden, with the right amount of fizz, and is a great choice for wedding celebrations.

    Giesen Sauvignon Blanc

    Created in Marlborough, New Zealand, the authentic home of the Sauvignon Blanc, the Giesen Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best wines from the southernmost part of the world. The wine is a little dry on the palate with citrusy undercurrents of passionfruit, bitter melon, and black and red currants. Its crisp texture makes it the perfect accompaniment for small and large wedding gatherings alike.  

    Sapiens Red Blend

    The Sapiens Red wine comes woody and smoky flavor that is made using Tempranillo grapes and aged well in oak barrels. Its unique flavor is distinct even when the wine is paired with spicy dishes. With only 5g of sugar per 100 ml, the Sapiens Red Blend is also an excellent choice for those looking to watch their weight.

    Zeero Sangiovese

    If you want a redder and drier wine for your wedding, Zeero Sangiovese is the perfect beverage for you. With rich undertones of peach, currant, and blackberry, this exquisite Italian wine from the lands of Emilia-Romagna best suits the sophisticated palate. 

    With the very first sip, the light aroma of tannins elevates your drinking experience. Plus, its tartness and dryness make it the ideal accompaniment for spicy dishes. 

    Surely Sparkling Rosé

    Carefully curated from grapes grown organically in California, the Surely Sparkling Rosé has a rich undertone of strawberry, passionfruit, and peach. With an aftertaste of melon, the drink removes the residual sweetness of fruits and feels smooth on the palate. The drink is slightly acidic and an excellent beverage, especially for weddings during summer or spring.