Must-try Non-Alcoholic White Wine Alternatives


Low alcohol white wine alternatives have come a long way. With more people participating in initiatives like Dry January, the demand for non-alcoholic beverages has increased. Many people are choosing to cut out alcohol altogether for health reasons. There are several other reasons to go non-alcoholic, such as being the designated driver, having a baby on the way, or simply allowing your body to recover from heavy drinking.

Whatever your reason for cutting out alcohol, there has never been a better time to try some non-alcoholic white wine alternatives. Here are our top 10 picks.

Top 10 non-alcoholic white wine alternatives

1. Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic white wine that tastes like wine, then this is a great choice. Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling is a classic. It's clean and fresh with notes of lime, citrus, and mint with hints of rhubarb and red apples that are sure to surprise your palate. Thanks to a gentle distillation process, this non-alcoholic wine retains its incredible flavor, giving you a satifying drinking experience without the fogginess. It also goes well with a range of dishes, including seafood and fish, besides being excellent for parties. If you are a responsible drinker with a sophisticated palette, this is the non-alcoholic wine you must try.

2. Luminara Chardonnay 2018

Luminara is an exquisitely crafted non-alcoholic wine made from fruit grown in the Napa Valley appellation. With an absolutely great aroma and amazing taste, Luminara delivers a fine wine experience, minus the alcohol, of course. The aroma reminds you of tropical fruit, followed by a palate of lemon cream and Fuji apple. You get refreshing crispiness in the finish. The wine gives you a buttery richness, a nice balance of acidity, with a great feeling in the mouth. It is crisp and luscious. You get amazing flavors of apple and nut without it being too sweet.

3. Surely Sauvignon Blanc

Surely Wine is a recent entrant to the non-alcoholic wine market, but it completely steals the limelight in this category. From the premium region of Sonoma County, Surely Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, clean, and bright wine. Hints of lemon and honeycomb will hit you on the nose, with soft notes of sweet apple and pear on your palate. There is a great balance of acidity in this non-alcoholic wine.

4. Lussory Chardonnay Organic

Lussory Chardonnay Organic is a non-alcoholic white wine with an aroma that reminds you of hazelnuts. You also get vanilla and spice on the nose. It has balanced acidity with fruity notes of melon, mango, and pineapple. Made from Chardonnay grapes from Spain, this delightful non-alcoholic wine is on the dry side with hints of floral notes, while preserving its natural aroma. It is a gentle and graceful wine with an exquisitely balanced taste and a refreshing feel.

5. Giesen Sauvignon Blanc

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc is an alcohol-removed wine that anyone can enjoy regardless of the occasion. Made from premium Sauvignon Blanc, Giesen Sauvignon Blanc retains all the best qualities of Sauvignon Blanc, minus the alcohol. At just 19 calories per 5 oz. serving, it has 80% fewer calories than traditional Sauvignon Blanc. This non-alcoholic wine gives off the delicate aromas of red currant, fresh lime, and lemon shortbread. The flavor profile can be described as delicious and citrusy with distinct passionfruit and blackcurrant notes. Since it is alcohol-free and low in calories, you can enjoy a glass anytime you wish to savor some Sauvignon Blanc.

6. Pierre Chavin Le Petit Étoilé Chardonnay

Produced in France, Pierre Chavin Le Petit Étoilé Chardonnay has a pale yellow color with clear green glimmers. On the nose, you get the aroma of white peach and acacia flower combined with citrus and vanilla. You also get hints of peach and lychee. With a pleasant touch of acidity, the palate is fresh with a long finish. It is a fantastic alternative to white wine, and safe and delicious for everyone to enjoy.

7. Elivo Zero Zero Deluxe White

Elivo Zero Zero Deluxe White is a non-alcoholic white wine perfect for everyday occasions. It can be paired with your daily meals or enjoyed on its own. It feels balanced and elegant in the mouth, leaving a sweetness with citric and acidic hints of orange peel. With this wine, you get a lasting and silky passing with a sustained finish. Hints of ripened fruit are in the aftertaste. Temperature-controlled fermentation ensures the procurement of fresh and persistent aromas that are maintained during the de-alcoholization process.

8. Fre Chardonnay

This white wine alternative contains lively aromas of tropical fruit, crisp citrus notes, and creamy apple flavors. It pairs well with pasta, seafood, salad, and cheese. Also, it is quite low in calories, with just 70 per 8 oz. serving. Fre Chardonnay offers fresh and appealing aromas of apple and soft, rich, ripe stone fruit. You can enjoy this wine with meals or on its own.

9. Hill Street Vin (Zero) Chardonnay

The Hill Street Vin (Zero) Chardonnay is a floral, lean, and deliciously refreshing wine. With a soothing yellow color, this non-alcoholic wine blends flavors of chardonnay grapes, green apple, and lemon. It is a versatile wine, perfect for enjoying after a long day or with friends. With vibrant hints of green apple and lemon, this wine is balanced and gives you a long finish. It is best paired with chicken, fish, or other lean meats. You can enjoy this wine as much as you want without worrying about a hangover.

10. Hand on Heart Chardonnay

Hand on Heart Chardonnay is a non-alcoholic wine developed in collaboration with Chef Cat Cora. This rich and vibrant wine bursts with velvety notes of toasted vanilla and dark cherry. You also get distinct hits of acai berry and black currants. These bright fruit flavors give off hints of tobacco, mocha, licorice, and grilled herbs. You get a smoky and balanced flavor that pairs well with all your favorite foods. It is perfect for charcuterie boards and savory meats, offering a fine balance to meals.

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